Monday, September 22, 2014

Iraq, Russia, Crimea and More of the Usual US Propaganda by Joseph Zrnchik

How much more proof do the American people need to finally come to the conclusion that the US media is worthless, useless and pathetic?  I do give it credit in one area of endeavor, and that is as an instrument of war to project U.S. military power by acting as a force multiplier that garners domestic support for war and acting as a tool for disinformation and the deception of the American people.   Immediately after the shootdown of Flight MH17 the media served as an echo chamber for the White House, the US State Department and every pro-war neocon pundit who ever shot his or her mouth off in the Washington Post, the New York Times, Wall Street Journal or Fox News.   Once again an uncritical media establishment made up of sycophants and courtiers parroted the official Washington line.  Within days of the crash Obama demanded Russia to send in troops to force Crimeans to surrender to Ukrainian forces or face sanctions and the buildup of NATO forces along Russia’s border.
It seems the American people have learned nothing about their government in the last 13 years since 9/11 and are doomed to repeat their foolishness ad infinitium.  It seems that their amnesia is so bad that they do not have the institutional memory to mention all the ways the U.S. lied to get the American people to back their ruinous, catastrophic and counterproductive wars, nor do the American people remember the Bush administration saying the $3 trillion war was only going to cost between $20-$50 billion as we were greeted in Bagdad as liberators.  Americans do not remember the “experts” telling them that Iraqi oil would fund amply fund the hostilities. We were told there were only a few Saddam dead-enders who were “in the last throes of the insurgency, if you will.” We were told Saddam had a nuclear program and WMDs and we could not afford to allow the smoking gun to be a mushroom cloud.  We also were told Saddam had a relationship with al Qaeda.
In October 2002, a few days before the US vote on the Authorization of Use of Military Force almost half of the US Senate was told in closed session that the Iraqi government had the means of delivering chemical and biological weapons of mass destruction by drones that could be launched from ships off the US’ Atlantic coast to attack US coastal cities.  Defense Secretary Powell suggested in his presentation to the United Nations that UAVs were transported out of Iraq and could be launched against the United States, but Iraq had no offensive drones or any capability of putting UAVs on ships. Iraq’s UAV fleet consisted of less than a handful of outdated Czech training drones and both the CIA and the US Air Force denied this Bush propaganda.  Then we were told Saddam was throwing babies out of incubators which turned out to be a lie by a member of the Kuwaiti Royal Family.  The truth of the matter is that there needs to be accountability for the war that has killed hundreds of thousands and created such backlash that the Middle East is in turmoil.
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