Tuesday, September 9, 2014

by Joseph Zrnchik
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Ukraine has made three false claims in the past week of a Russian invasion of the Ukraine. The Ukrainian army then claimed to have destroyed a Russia armor column without providing one picture for proof. One such “invasion” occurred when Russia sent a humanitarian aid convoy to feed starving women and children driven from their homes by Ukrainian artillery barrages against unarmed civilians.

The first “elite forces” the Ukraine government sent east to conduct “anti-terror operations” all surrendered and sent word back that there were no terrorists. The next attack by the Ukraine government against separatists resulted in a humiliating defeat.

The Ukraine government then sent Right Sector fascists to fight who then slaughtered woman and children, and then incinerated many dozens of unarmed protesters by holding them in a building under gun fire while burning the building down.

One so-called “invasion force” voluntarily allowed itself to be inspected by the Red Cross who documented that all items were humanitarian in nature. The “invasion force”, after dropping off food to starving civilians, then moved back into Russia without any delay.

On two occasions the Crimean separatists allowed elements of the Ukrainian military to escape encirclement and certain destruction by opening a corridor so that they could flee the battlefield.

Ukraine President Petro Poroshenko has stated that if the separatists do not surrender and Russia does not make them surrender he will be at war with Russia. Apparently this threat is supposed to goad the US and EU into action while intimidating Russia. But, this threat has done nothing to stop the separatists from driving Ukrainian forces back to the west as they mock fleeing soldiers and those whom they have captured in open battle. It seems the only headway the Ukraine government initially made was by slaughtering unarmed women, a fact that was conveniently hidden by the US media.

What a difference there is between forces the US directly supports and those who fight for freedom. The US supported anti-government forces in Libya for which the US claimed needed to be done to prevent Gaddafi from slaughtering civilians, yet this never materialized and it turned out all the foreign intelligence services knew the war against Gadaffi was fought by the same foreign fighters Saudi Arabia later sent to Syria to wage war against Assad. These groups were supported and funded by the US in Libya and then in Syria. Yet, it turns out these fighters the US supports are mass murderers who have engaged in the sectarian slaughter of women and children and have carried out mass executions of over a hundred people at a time on numerous occasions.

The Crimean separatists have not carried out a single atrocity and while the Ukrainian government conducts artillery barrages against unarmed villages, the separatists have purposely and repeatedly allowed Ukrainian forces to flee after being hemmed in and surrounded. What a difference from foreign jihadists the US has supported who eat dead fighters livers on video and behead and execute even children for making a religious comment.

Let’s take a look at all the countries the US has “liberated”. The second attack on Iraq came when Saddam decided to only allow euros for the Oil-For-Food Program. The US destroyed Iraq to maintain the dollar. Later Gaddafi decided he would only accept gold for his crude and not only did the US completely destroy the country, but it also stole hundreds of billions of dollars in Libyan gold. Iran started an oil bourse that allowed multiple currencies, and the US has engaged in covert war against Iran, funded terror groups, engaged in assassination programs, sabotaged infrastructure and even slaughtered 290 Iranians by shooting down an Iranian airliner for which the US was caught in lie after lie by international investigators.


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