Saturday, October 13, 2007

LAST MARCH 5TH 2007 MY US PASSPORT WAS CANCELLED IN MOSCOW RUSSIA BECAUSE I HAVE BEEN BLACKLISTED DUE TO MY VIEWS ON BUSH AND HIS WAR IN IRAQ AND MY DOCUMENTATION OF BUSH ADMINISTRATION COLLUSION IN THE EVENTS OF 9-11 WHEN THE TWIN TOWERS WERE BROUGHT DOWN IN CONTROLLED DEMOLITIONS. I AM A SINGLE FATHER AND MY FAMILY HAS SUFFERED EXTREMELY DUE TO THE ACTIONS OF THE BUSH LOYALISTS AT THE EMBASSY HERE IN MOSCOW. I WAS TOLD TO SHUT MY SITE DOWN WHICH I DID FOR SEVERAL MONTHS BUT NOTHING HAPPENED. THEY STILL REFUSE TO RETURN MY PASSPORT TO ME. I HAVE CONTACTED 100S OF PEOPLE TO NO AVAIL. PERHAPS YOU CAN HELP. I AM A NATIVE AMERICAN, HALF TAINO INDIAN. DUE TO THE EMBASSY'S ACTIONS I AM NOW A STATELESS PERSON. PLEASE PASS MY STORY ALONG. YOU CAN READ MORE AT Their "legal" basis for the revokation of my US Passport is that supposedly owe $16,000.00 in child support, this is to cover my ex-wife's welfare fraud as she received around $360,000 in welfare cash grants from the county of Yolo, California. At the time I was a resident of the state of Pennsylvania and was given full legal and physical custody there. According to all of the court documents the maximum period in which my ex could possibly have had the children was 8 months a period for which I was already forced to over pay for despite the reality that the children were only with her for a couple of days in 1993. I am being told I MUST pay $16,000.00 to the County of Yolo supposedly for child support paid out fraudulently by them in the from of welfare cash grants, this is money that never benefitted my children in any way shape or form. Despite my having all of the documentation to exonerate myself they will not budge. They know their claims are false yet are unbending in their demands. It may be of interest that my ex-wife's mother was the General Manager of a local savings and loan which was handling the mortgages and the car loans for the judge and the prosecutor in my case. I must add that in 1998 I was issued a replacement passport by the Embassy in Moscow and had there been arears at that time they would not have been allowed to do so. I maintain that this is retribution for my site....Please help...I can not afford the lawyers fees to fight them.

Made Stateless by US Government in MOSCOW, RUSSIA for trying to get to the truth

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