Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Interview With Tony Holland on Criminality in Rio Tinto Uranium Operations

RE: Ms Sharon Singh and her friendships in the Australian Underworld.
Further developments have occurred this week, involving 3 murders and several armed robberies, which may well have very serious repercussions for Ms Singh and her associates.  It could well be incumbent on the Minister to read **The Sunday Herald sun**, 14th Sept 2014, outlining that Melb solicitor John Anile is before the courts accused of being an associate of the **generals gang** which specifically has laundered over 10 million dollars of stolen money and murdered 3 people over the last 20 yrs.
That Ms Singh knows Mr. Anile is beyond question, and, it is known that Ms Singh entered into transactions with Mr. Anile and several organized crime figures here regarding premises which were subsequently used to convert stolen cars and grow marijuana at 155 Cherry Lane Laverton and that Ms Singh’s name was on a lease for those premises, alongside that of a known senior criminal, Paul Reed, Reed himself a convicted murderer. 
I assert once again that Minister Boyd, should be very careful with any Submissions Ms Singh may make to the minister, and I ask once more, he read todays Herald Sun, Canadian police might then be asked to background Ms Singh and her associates. Tony Holland
Tony Holland
Hi all
 Recent broadcast interviews....on how RIO TINTO are conning the government of Saskatchewan, by:
a) Promising jobs to business..when few jobs will be given to locals.
b) Promising local business opportunities to locals ..when few local businesses will be sourced.
c) Promising Government that the drilling program is safe....when, in alarge submission made by RIO and refered to as the EIS report a 1 line admission that the dust isn't controlled appears.
d) Neglecting any discussion on milling programs and tailings program.
e) Using Personal well known for lying to senior people to present untruths to the Saskatchewan Government and Saskatchewan people. 
( It doesn’t get much better than Ms Singh from Rio Tinto posing as a media liaison person when in fact she is a trained lawyer with several yrs experience presenting paperwork for government approvals. Its like a police office telling a suspect that he is free as long as he admits every aspects of the crime Sleeping half-moonwhich the officer then goes on to outline.)
It is my earnest wish that Minister Boyd look into some of my concerns for the people of Saskatchewan to prevent large scale environmental damage and large scale health problems occurring in the not too distant future.
 Tony Holland
Hello this is John Robles. You are listening to an interview with Tony Holland, he is a security specialist and a geopolitical analyst.
Robles: Hello Tony, how are you?
Holland: Oh hi John, how are you?
Robles: Very well thank you and nice to be speaking with you. Could you give us a little background now on this Rio Tinto Roughrider Advanced Exploration Program?
Holland: It’s the typical uranium con trick. They tend to find ore, or a probable mining project, in areas where people have a low education and they are wide open to promises of this is a project that’s coming your way, you’re going to make a lot of money and you’re going to get lots of jobs and lots of business. In fact a typical scam line is: “we have ten thousand projects a year of which only three will result in a mine. And guess what guys, you’re Number 1”