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Anonymous Operation save John Robles III. Details about the destruction of the Robles family. Robles was a journalist for the Voice of Russia World Service in English and a propagandist for Putin and the Kremlin when neo-Liberal elements in Russia decided to wipe him out. He has had asylum for almost 9 years and can not get citizenship.


Dear Citizens of the World,

Best of the day to you! As the Russian Federation enjoys a newfound leading role in the world, with a popular President and a brilliant military campaign in Syria, corrupt and criminal elements within the Russian Federation itself are also “enjoying” a rise in power as the economic hardships in the country continue to worsen with each passing day. You will not hear about this on Russian media as it is all state owned and controlled and you will not hear it on western media which is busy demonizing Putin to continue economic sanctions that are hurting not the elites who control policy but the Russian people, however this is the reality that the Russian people have to live with.

Since the collapse of the Soviet Union almost nothing has changed in the Russian Federation, for the common Russian people. Things have only got better for those who were able to profit from the privatizations of the 90s and those who were able to become the owners of state run companies, flats and other real estate in the chaos that followed the collapse. Unfortunately these people were almost exclusively the same corrupt officials and criminals with connections to them that brought about the very collapse of the USSR. This “mafia” has since grown so entrenched in the government that it is impossible for President Putin and the security services to actually get rid of corruption which has turned the Russian people into virtual slaves to the system of bribes, intimidation, threats and criminal fabrications and this is the real evil the West is ignoring.

Unfortunately there is no political power that is allowed to rise up to challenge the corruption and the only opposition that exists is in reality already part of the same system or Western funded and thus unable to get the real support of the people. Russia has created the term “non-system” opposition, meaning any opposition that is actually not part of the corrupt system, underlining the reality in Russia that “opposition” is only a decorative concept or “show” created to give the impression that there are actually forces opposed to the status quo that will serve the people. Any real opposition or even anyone that poses the threat of becoming real opposition is quickly marginalized and destroyed. 

This goes true for all whistleblowers, human rights organizations and anyone who threatens the corrupt Oligarchy that is the real power in the Russian Federation. With complete state control and in fact ownership of every single media outlet the only voices for reason are again mostly Western run and financed and give their own version of truth to the Russian people but who cannot actually oppose the real regime as they are in an incestuous relationship where the West is paying for the right to broadcast to the same corrupt Russian entities who are interested only in profit. 

Where do the Russian people fit into all of this? Nowhere really, Western propaganda aimed at Russia is so transparently one sided and filled with falsehoods and the Russian version so filled with “skirting around the real issues” that only a small percentage of the population believes any of it. So who are they fighting for when the opinions of the Russian people and real issues are not covered or even mentioned? In reality it has become an information war against each other with the opinions of the people only marginally important.
Meet the First US Citizen with Asylum in the Russian Federation   

Against the backdrop of all of this is the case of a journalist for state media who was a champion for the truth and the first US Citizen to have received political asylum in the Russian Federation and a real ethnic minority of one in Russia, John Robles and two of his children who have become targets for Western financed interests. This was due to his work in exposing issues related to US Government illegality, issues that John Attempted to make the World and the American people aware of. The persecutors in an attempt to please their corrupt Western backers have been on a campaign of destroying John and his two children, these are officials being paid by Western interests in the Russian government with ties to the Federal Migration Service and corrupt internal ministry bodies, in particular in the City of Lubertsy where the family lived for almost 20 years. 

Lubertsy has been the home of one of the largest and most powerful mafia groupings in post-Soviet space and much of the current Lubertsy mafia, including a dangerous grouping called the Werewolves in Epaulettes, according to Robles, rose to power in the 90s with the help of secret funding and support from the West and in particular the CIA. Robles has written a book on the matter part of which he has made available here:     

Since the end of the 1990s Robles claims he has been the target a long campaign by US interests in Moscow to discredit and destroy him and his family. This includes two documented attempts by ex-Ambassador Michael McFaul to have Robles thrown into a Russian prison and deported to the US by saying Robles threatened him after he wrote articles exposing McFaul’s activities to bring about a Color Revolution. 

The campaign against Robles he says started in 1995 when he attempted to report to the FBI and request a Grand Jury investigation in the theft of Federal Money by local authorities in Woodland California, something that was never resolved, continues today and was never investigated. In Russia the “open” targeting began with the revocation of his passport, which in fact left him stateless, and was supposed to lead to his return to the US where Robles is certain he will be disappeared and face torture.

Given Robles’ vociferous and long running public criticism of US Foreign policy and his investigative journalistic work uncovering US illegality and CIA subversion he is certain he will find no support in the US or the West but has been trying to raise support for his son who he says was specifically targeted due to his own battle with the Russian Federal Migration Service who have refused to grant him and his family citizenship after he refused to pay a bribe of almost a million rubles in 2007.  This was after filing all of the required documents and meeting all of the criteria as set out by Russian law and the Russian Constitution. No bribe no documents. 

Some of Robles’ claims are extremely serious, for example he claims to have been poisoned during the liquidation of the Voice of Russia and the reorganization into the Rossiya Sevodnya News Agency by members of a US run 5th Column. This and the sheer volume of incidents he details makes make it clear that something is definitely not right here. Part of the book he has written includes copies of hundreds of death threats, threats from officials and document after document detailing his fight to simply normalize his status in Russia after receiving asylum.
Currently we are alarmed and concerned with the safety of Robles’ son John who has been imprisoned after a fabricated prosecution of the type Robles himself was warned about and who Robles has not been allowed to see for almost a year and who is now in transport to an unknown prison zone. This process Robles has been told would take up to 6 months during which the location of John will be unknown and any communications with him would be impossible. This is completely unacceptable.

We are also outraged by US Embassy Moscow and the US State Department as a whole for the complete lack of assistance in doing anything whatsoever to ensure that the son receives a fair trial or is released. Officials from the Embassy were at every hearing and witnessed the fact that John did not have a lawyer, was not allowed to present witnesses in his defense and was not even allowed to see the most important evidence against him which the prosecutor said was secret and those just a few of the irregularities.

Given US Government’s assertions in the past that Robles was working for the Russian Security Services, a fact Robles himself does not directly deny but which he refuses to answer any questions about, and given his past work for the strategic Russian State Broadcaster, the Voice of Russia World Service in English, it is clear that Robles has reason to fear CIA operatives and US backed 5th column forces in Russia and it would be almost unbelievable to believe that the arrest of his son has nothing to do with Robles’ own political persecution.

Robles is completely destitute, has not been allowed to see his youngest daughter for over a year, has no funds for lawyers and no means to defend his son and has in his words had to go into hiding and was forced to leave Moscow after living there for almost 20 years. 

He was physically thrown out of his flat on February 24 in the middle of the night when it was minus 14 with no place to go. Having fought his battle for almost 20 years Robles says he is old (he just turned 50) and has no hope anymore that he will ever be able to simply normalize his status. After all he says, he has done some monumental historic deeds, such as his renunciation of any ties to the US in front of millions of people, and despite all of this Russia will not issue him an internal passport which they do for any Hollywood star who decides to ask for one, simply because he will not pay a bribe, which is in fact a crime. 

Finally to underline everything that has happened the same corrupt police who fabricated the case against John’s son which could have been made to “go away” for 9 then 4 then 2 million rubles, made their true selves known recently when they arrived at the home of Robles’ daughter Kayla at 3 am and seized the cell phones of everyone in the flat which they used to go on a fishing expedition with in an attempt to fabricate some sort of criminal case against here. Before they left her alone and after informing her that they are watching her father’s social media and site they told her “Tell  your father if he says one bad word about Russia he is finished!” As refugees and as a journalist this violates Robles’ and his family right to be free from persecution.

To say that refugees and people with asylum in the Russian Federation are “not safe” would be the understatement of the century in this case. 

We are asking you to please support John and the Robles family by signing the petition here and by spreading this story to as many people as you can and if it is possible to make a donation to the family to cover the costs of lawyers and basic necessities. We are also asking any and all world media to make mention of this story, here we have an innocent young man and US Citizen rotting in a Russian prison and the US Government has not raised a finger to help.

Please support their site and fight here:
Robles is seeking employment you can find his resume here: www.jar2.biz
An Anonymous Friend of the Robles Family


Made Stateless by US Government in MOSCOW, RUSSIA for trying to get to the truth

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