Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Twitter Bans Me Again When Trying to Raise Funds

On Twitter's Latest Ban
The latest Twitter ban is just another attempt by the United States and the NWO to silence me and I am certain just the continuation of the efforts to make sure that I have no voice, no income and simply die. The US and their agents in Russia have been continuously attempting to starve me out and damage me here in Russia since 2009 actively and before then as well, most notably in 2007.

I am very well aware of what they are doing and the Russian Government is aware but I will not let them see me bleed or give them the satisfaction of knowing whether they have damaged me or not. It is a shame that the US Government can continue to covertly attack a person with asylum and there is nothing that the completely useless United Nations will do.

The US saw that I was trying to raise awareness to the situation that my son is in and that I was trying to gather funds for his medicine and for a journey I must make to go see him and just when I started that they banned me.

The US and their agent's punitive measures against a US asylee and most horrendously what they did to my son are egregious and illegal and at minimum would require censure from the United Nations and human rights bodies but nothing will be done because these supposed defenders of Human Rights are  nothing but tools of the US.

The UN is a completely useless and disgusting body really.

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Tuesday, July 4, 2017

My Response to Slander on My Good Name!!!

I Have the Right to Defend My Good Name!

The quandary they have placed me in again, with their attacks on my honor and their provocations on my person, have left me furious but I have solved how to deal with them and as always the truth is the best sword and it must be told. 

To begin to understand Russia one must understand that there are two sides of Russia, these two sides like most of the rest of the world as we have begun to see are divided across two ideological divides, and it is these two sides that are battling right now in an epic war that will decide the fate of the Russian Federation, the Russian people, what is left of the Russian World and in the long run the fate of all humanity.

The two sides have coalesced and finally become more concrete and tangible as they have come out of the shadows the bolder and more sure of their impunity they have become. We can now label these two sides as the N.WO. (Neo-Liberals), with their abstract false dreams and illusions of an America that they will never see and never be a part of but for which they are ready to sell out country, home and neighbor and of course their staunch support for the Zionists and the N.W.O. globalist elites, and on the other side those who are awake, love their country and do not wish for it to be absorbed and destroyed by greedy mindless western puppets and sycophants. These neo-Liberal filth make up the 5th column that has been very successfully destroying my family and I and whom I have been fighting against since the 1990s. 

Where do I get off blasting these scum? Well I am a Russian patriot and I have been fighting to save the Russian World from the onslaught of the Globalists for over 25 years and have worked in various capacities for the government of the Russian Federation for most of that time.
I am writing this because they attacked me and I must give them a worthy response. This piece has to deal with the reaction to comments I made on the Internet which were unexpected and extremely violent in nature, apparently the demons are very afraid of the truth and cannot handle anything that goes against their insane self-righteous lies and fabrications against myself and my family. 

It is understandable that those I am fighting would wish me to be silent, since if people start to listen to me they will be exposed for the traitors they are and all of the scum working for the US State Department and the CIA who have wiped out my family will end up under the fence, as President Putin would say. 

So in the interests of; clarifying the details for everyone, as the accusation was made that I am lying and misrepresenting the facts, and defending my good name which I have the right to do especially as the mountain of lies and what can be called nothing more than slander which came down on me from my “Russian friends", I have deemed it necessary to write the truth about the episode in question for you my dear reader and for the demons who attacked me although I am sure they will have difficulty with English as most of them only pretend to know it.

These scum have deemed that I do not have the right to work, to earn a living or have anything to live on. Not to mention any kind of a life and they believe I do not have human rights or even the right to speak up but they are wrong. I do have human rights and I do have the right to defend my name, and yes under Russian law I do have the right to defend myself and you do not have the right to slander me, which is exactly what calling me all of the things you have is, slander plain and simple in a public forum.
The statement that I made on Twitter was that in Russia they tried to take away my parental rights on the basis that I speak with an accent, which is entirely and completely true, but since Twitter only gives a few words I could not elaborate, so I will do so now and take the chance to counter the person who wrote that I am a drug addict and wife beater and alcoholic and everything else under the sun because I am a refugee (which is what started the whole battle, namely a meme about refugees, and something which I wrote about on the blog.

My ex-wife and her lawyer who come from the kind of rich privileged families who have it all and never had to work a day in their lives and thus think they are somehow superior, living like leeches of the work and toil of everyone they manipulate, tried to do everything possible to destroy me, I believe on orders from Western masters (as they desperately needed visas and wanted American passports).

Divorces are messy and ex-wives are the most horrendously vindictive creatures under God’s skies so when I say they tried everything that is what I mean, and I am almost certain they were responsible for getting my son arrested. They tried to have me arrested by saying I tried to attack her, unfortunately during the time of the so-called attack I was 3,000 kilometers away, they tried to demonize me in court for being a refugee and having asylum, which worked very well as almost every hearing revolved around that and those were the parameters they worked in. She was a Muscovite and I was a nothing refugee. 

All of her efforts failed, including having me physically attacked, having me stalked, threatened and several attempts where she filed false police reports and nothing happened to her so during the last custody hearing her lawyer came out with the position that I speak with an accent and being as my Russian is so horrible I would damage the development of the child. She my ex-wife did that and her lawyer. NOT the judge and NOT the Russian Federation. So there that is clarified!! 

They mistakenly think they have me exactly where they want me because I cannot speak out for fear of the violent reaction that you witnessed and every one of my followers saw. They obviously believe that they can just slander me and get away with it but they are wrong .But that is what the 5th column does. I can understand why they hate me so much. I keep screwing up their plans and exposing their lies and fabrications and their little Navalny puppet and Snow Den Operations and such but I am fighting for Russia and that must be clear.

These Neo-Liberal filth are the disease of Russia, with their foreign money and grants and privilege and criminality, they get away with everything and anything. I am reminded of the asshole who destroyed my career for writing a letter to President Putin and then said my firing never happened and that I in fact never even worked as an announcer or a staff writer for the Voice of Russia World Service!

These are now the same globalist Zionist filth that the people in the US are battling and that have long wanted to destroy Russia for their abstract dream of an America that only exists in their minds and on films and which they will never b e a part of.

These scum quite simply want to kill me and want me to die and are ensuring such through attrition. This is why they do not want you to know about me why they install fake refugees in Embassies and Snow Dens. History must never remember me, the first asylee from the US in Russia. I am so tired of the fakes and the operations and morons who want to discredit me, from the media idiots all the way to WikiLeaks, but most of all I am sick of the Russian traitors who would sell out their great country and trash their brave leader for an America that would in reality just spit in their faces.

 Oh and finally my computer was taken out again, the third time in two days, showing they are increasingly desperate! Which is great! We are winning!

Long live Russia and the Russian people and protect President Putin as he fights the Globalists!

Made Stateless by US Government in MOSCOW, RUSSIA for trying to get to the truth

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