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PayPal Sanctions by Delay, Why Russia Must Say No to Crypto Currencies 

Post Three: Why the cyber "economy" and crypto currency must be avoided to ensure State Security: PayPal Extends Delays

PayPal has decided to continue their anti-Russian operations and anti-JAR2 measures in ways they believe will not be noticed. However they are very noticed. Given that I have been targetted and blocked by every crowd-funding platform and almost every method of raising revenue in the West except for PayPal which I had depended on, any punitive arbitrary measures by PayPal which other than long delays in transferring funds was more or less useable, are extremely noticeable. Two weeks ago transfers were going through the next day which seemed as if their operations had completely normalized, now they have come up with an even longer transfer period than the 3 business days that it was before. Now they state it may take 5-7 days to transfer funds to my bank. Making them an even worse option than before but since they have a monopoly there is nothing we can do. Visa very cleverly blocks us by making international transfers non-accessible and only available to users of MasterCard which is in reality the same company so it is just another way to implement illegal arbitrary punitive measures under the radar. This is my first hand experience and this is across the board,. therefore any country seeking to extract themselves from the Western web of "influence" and "manipulation" must take serious measures against Visa MasterCard PayPal and other services and in this regard stay completely away from Crypto Currencies which would allow for money to simply disappear forever with no recourse whenever the banksters see fit. Crypto Currencies are a scam at best they rob from users with extremely illegally high service fees of even 36% and at worst openly rob and simply disappear finances as has been the case already with crypto currency servers mysteriously shutting down and disappearing  and the very popular tactic of blocking users from their accounts by telling users their access keys are wrong or there are other cryptic reasons their accounts are not accessible. It is all a fraud and any country seriously considering using crypto currencies needs to have its collective head examined, this includes Russia and Venezuela and China, unless they themselves seek means to rob their own populaces.

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