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It is the middle of December and there is no snow in Moscow yet. The weather has been more akin to a cool winter in, say San Francisco, California, sans the fog.

SEE: Experts warn North Pole will be 'ice free' by 2040
Ice is melting so fast in the Arctic that the North Pole will be in the open sea in 30 years, according to a team of leading climatologists

9-11 was an inside job

9-11: A Billion Dollar Coup d'etat

A mountain of undeniable facts as laid out by the film Loose Change test by John Robles II

1. August 1997 FEMA's Emergency Response to Terrorism handbook depicts the World Trade center in crosshairs.

2. In 1999 NORAD conducted hijacking exercises where planes were flown into the Pentagon and the World Trade Center.

3. June 2000 DOJ releases a terrorism manual with the World Trade Center in crosshairs again.

4. September 2000 the Project for a New American Century releases a report called Rebuilding America's Defenses in which they state that without an event such as a new Pearl Harbor the process of transformation is likely to be a long one.

5. October 24, 2000 the Pentagon conducts the first in a series of training exercises called MASCAL the pretext of which is a passenger airliner, a Boeing 757, crashing into the Pentagon. Charles Burlingame an ex Navy F-4 pilot who worked in the Pentagon participated in the exercise before retiring to take a job with American Airlines, less than a year later the American Airlines plane, a Boeing 757, that he was the Captain of supposedly crashed into the Pentagon.

6. April 2001 NORAD plans an exercise in which a plane is flown into the Pentagon but it is rejected as too unrealistic.

7. June 2001 new instructions are implemented to deal with intervention in the case of a hijacking, part of it reads: " For all non-immediate responses the DOD must get permission directly from the SOD. Donald Rumsfeld.

Attorney General John Ashcroft begins flying only on charter jets due to a threat assessment by the FBI.

8. July 4, 2001 Osama Bin Laden receives medical help at the American Hospital in Dubai. While he is there he is visited by the local chief of the CIA.

9. July 24, 2001 Larry A Silverstein signs a 3.2 billion dollar 99 year lease on the entire World Trade Center complex, this was six weeks before 9-11, part of the lease included a 3.5 billion dollar insurance policy that specifically covered acts of terrorism.

10. September 6, 2001 suspicious trading of American Airlines stock takes place.

Bomb sniffing dogs were pulled off the World Trade Center and security guards were pulled of the twelve hour shifts that they had been working.

11. September 7, 2001 More excessive trading of American Airline stock involving PUT options which means that people were betting that the stock would fall.

12. September 10, 2001 more of the same. Newsweek reported that a number of top Pentagon officials cancelled their flight plans for the next morning.

Willie Brown the Mayor of San Francisco receives a phone call from Condi Rice warning him not to fly the next day.

In Pakistan at a military hospital all of the urologists are replaced by a special team in order to host Osama Bin Laden, who was well cared for and looked after.

13. September 11, 2001 with most of the intercept aircraft on training exercises in Canada and in the far North or sent far from Washington and New York on training exercises, there were only 14 aircraft left to guard the entire United States.

September 11, 2001 eyewitnesses claimed that the aircraft had no windows and sported a round blue emblem on the nose. Others reported seeing missiles and the presence of missile like mounting on the wings and the underside of the planes.

9:38 Hani Hanjoor, a very unskilled pilot, executes a 330 degree turn at 530 mph descending 7,000 feet in 2.5 minutes to crash American Airlines flight 77 into the ground floor of the Pentagon. Experts said it could not have flown at those speeds without going into a high speed stall and that at such high Gs the plane would have just fallen out of the sky. All of the experienced air traffic controllers who watched the plane that was supposed to be flight 77 maneuvering and turning believed that it was a military fighter plane. All of the lights poles that flight 77 was supposed to have sheered of seemed to have just popped out of the ground, under normal circumstances they would have ripped the wings right off of the planes. If you look at the photos and listen to the eyewitness accounts it is clear that a commercial airliner did not hit the pentagon the damage was consistent with a missile strike. Although the plane was supposed to have melted upon impact all of the bodies on board were identified by the same forensic laboratory that identified the non casualties in Pennsylvania. You get the idea. The only piece of wreckage was part of a J3-8D turbojet engine from a US Air force A-3 Sky Warrior. The few A-3s left are stored by Ratheon in Van Nuys California. A diffuser case was also found not belonging to a 757. Through analysis it is clear that a missile such as a Tomahawk was used to create the damage.

9:59 The South Tower collapses in about ten seconds, 29 minutes later the North Tower collapses in about ten seconds as well.

5:20 World Trade Center 7, a 47 story office building 300 feet away from the World Trade Center collapses in under 6 seconds into a neat little pile, while all of the buildings surrounding it were undamaged. These are the first three building in history to collapse because of a fire. The buildings came down in almost free fall speed, witnesses, video-tapes and expert testimony make it clear the the world trade center was demolished using controlled explosions that had been placed in the buildings in strategic locations earlier and then detonated in order to cause the buildings to collapse, some witnesses reported up to six simultaneous explosions concurrent with the six support structures of the buildings.

10:00 Cleveland Hopkins Airport was evacuated amidst fears that a hijacked plane was about to land

10:06 Flight 93 was supposedly headed for the White House and crashed into a field in Pennsylvania witnesses said there was nothing to be seen at the crash scene and nothing that resembled an airline crash. The debris that was found was able to be carried away by hand in several plastic bags.

10:10 The sixty nine people on flight 1989, the first plane that landed in Cleveland, were evacuated to the FAA HQ in two hours and twenty minutes and later released.

10:45 The two hundred people on board flight 93 were evacuated to a special NASA building in under thirty minutes and never heard from again.

11:43 Cleveland WCPO a local television station in Cincinnati Ohio reported that two planes landed at Cleveland Hopkins Airport due to a bomb threat, United identified the plane as flight 93.

October 12, 2001 Donald Rumsfeld, in an interveiw with Parade Magazine, mentions a missle that damged the world trade center even though offically one was never mentioned

Bin Laden's original statement: "The U.S. government has consistently blamed me for being behind every attack. I would like to assure the world that I did not plan the recent attacks, which seems to have been planned by people for personal reasons. I have been living in the Islamic emirate of Afghanistan and following its leaders' rules. The current leader does not allow me to exercise such operations."

April 10, 2003 Chicago O'Hare: flight 93 is spotted its tail number N591UA is spotted on flight 1111. According to the FAA N612UA the Pentagon plane and N591UA, the Pennsylvania plane, are still valid numbers.

9 of the 19 hijackers are still alive and well.

The Bin Laden confession tape was a fake.

Why?: Silverstein demanded 7.2 billion dollars from his insurers. Received 2.2b

Stocks 2.5 million in profits remains unclaimed.

Convar states that there is suspicion that some people had advance knowledge of the time of the crashes in order to move out amounts exceeding $100 million.

$460 billion dollars in gold but only $200 million was found in an empty ten wheeled truck with an empty escort of cars which had been abandoned just before the tower collapsed fleeing the south tower.

After 9-11 Bush has had permission to do and say whatever he wants.

The Patriot Act

The Department of Homeland Security



The Hypocrisy is Deafening
When The Racists Claim They Are Being Discriminated Against

Since the Reagan era there has been a trend in the U.S. to do away with the gains of the Civil Rights Era. Stealthily and systematically the gains made by the non-white segment of the US population have been done away with, diluted, or annulled. This has been one of the hidden core agendas of the GOP and the neo-conservatives since day one and is not an aberration limited only to internal US policy but also to international policy as well. To list examples would take weeks or months or even years. However that is not really necessary at this juncture because all one has to do is look around with an unjaundiced eye and pay the slightest bit of attention to see countless sordid examples of racism at work in every single aspect of American life.From the earliest age when social contacts are first made American children are taught that we are all different. Were this to be done in such a way as to equally respect the differences it would be something commendable and worth striving for. Unfortunately this is not the case. From the television sets to the playground children are conditioned and systematically brainwashed to believe that the white race is the better race and that all other races are not quite as good.Children are institutionally taught by schools, the media, and society to be ashamed of their color, to be ashamed of their culture, their religion, and their origins if they do not fit into the white Anglo-Saxon Christian ideal. They are taught that in order to be acceptable human beings, in order to succeed in life, they must be as white as possible. From being taught to tuck in their fuller lips, to being ostracized for having broader noses or slanted eyes or red, brown, yellow, or almond skin, or afros, or curly hair. Society, white society, teaches non-white children that something is wrong with them. Then there are the Religious stigmas, and those related to national origin, be you Jewish, Russian, Muslim, Hindu, or anything other than the Anglo-Saxon ideal. The list goes on and on.These conditions spawn aberrations like Michael Jackson, who for me epitomizes what American racism does. Schools teach children that the ideal person must be tall, long-legged, blue-eyed, and white and fit the proportions hauntingly akin to the parameters set out by the (n)azis in determining who was allowed to live.I have talked so far only about education and early examples but as we grow up things only get worse. From the institutionalized police brutally and racial profiling, to the glass ceilings which exist in every corporation, to the very halls of government where our rights are to be decided there is injustice and imbalance.What we are left with is what can only be described as the systematic institutionalized support and propagation of a “master” race. This week it is painfully evident once again as the checks and balances that were put in place in two different places in the U.S. to ensure that attempts were being made at providing children with a level playing field are about to be repealed on the pretense that laws and rules made to protect non-whites from discrimination somehow infringes on the rights of whites and discriminates against them by not allowing them the right to do what they want, which in effect, is to segregate schools and discriminate against the non-white segments of the population. I do not use the term minority for the sole purpose that non-whites are not the minority in most of the U.S..When you have a race that has taken a country by killing most of the inhabitants of it, delegating the rest to reservations, and built it up on the backs of slaves and non-white labor, which controls all of the branches of government, the engines of industry and finance, the police, the media, the armed forces, and the judiciary, it seems utterly disgusting and morally reprehensible that they should be allowed to have us believe that somehow a little rule that might bring about the semblance of equality infringes on their rights.We must be vigilant. Things are not as they would have us believe.John Anthony Robles II 12-06-2006 Moscow, Russia

Made Stateless by US Government in MOSCOW, RUSSIA for trying to get to the truth

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