Monday, February 12, 2018

My Book on the Ukraine is now complete - 526 pages

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Best wishes to all of you! Hope you are enjoying the best life has to offer!

MY ONE OF A KIND BOOK: Nuland's Nazis and the Destruction of Ukraine First Edition (526 pages) is available for download! However it is encrypted and password protected and you will need to make ANY size donation to get the password(s) if you are interested.

I am also looking for anyone interested in publishing the Second Edition (or buying it outright), which contains even more information, after I get through the editing, which has become a huge job and is ongoing.

I hope you find the book interesting as it is a historical record of events that are already being erased or changed in the history books. In a hundred years no one will know what really happened in the Ukraine if things continue as they are going! So I hope you see the value of this factual work.

Hope to see some support for this. Make any size donation for the passwords and instructions how to decrypt.

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Monday, January 22, 2018

The Pedo Files Four: Twittergate

Jack Dorsey in the Cross Hairs for Protecting Pedo Accounts
Anonymous/ZeroSec/JAR2 Release Tens of Thousands of Pedo Accounts Being Hosted by Twitter

When I hear the word Pizzagate my stomach turns, I feel nauseous and ill and am immediately drawn back to last December, when after investigating for weeks and being sent pictures of “elites” eating children and having cannibal parties, I fell deathly ill and quite literally almost died. If you are a fellow Pizzagate investigator you know what I am talking about, if you are not and have still managed to be kept away from the truth then imagine if you will a society so cruel and sadistic that it takes the children of the poor and the outcast and the law-abiding and uses them for Satanic entertainment, perverted and deviant sexual pleasure, sadistic blood sport, Luciferian sacrifice to Moloch and even spare parts.
Imagine if you will a society that bombs and kills and slaughters millions for the sake of scoring political points, to steal resources or just for making money! Imagine someone coming and stealing your lands and homes and children for sport and then publically ridiculing, demonizing and blaming the poor defenseless victims of their sadistic blood lust for their own destruction. Hard for civilized and normal humans to imagine such demons and for those of us who researched pizzagate it was even harder to imagine how these horrendous demons “relax” and was thus thoroughly disturbing that raping, murdering, sacrificing and even eating children is what binds these sick and twisted elites together.
It is out of this affront to everything civilized, normal and human that we are fighting to expose these sick and twisted individuals and those who enable them and assist them and even profit off them and their horrendous and unforgiveable sickness. Soon we will expose all of the pedos running wild on Twitter and we demand that they be dealt with and all of the accounts closed. The pedos have grown relaxed and sloppy, they thought we had forgotten and saw that no one was prosecuted, well they are wrong, we are watching and we do not forgive and we do not forget! You should have expected us but now it is too late for you.

NOTE ON RELEASE: I have had my Twitter accounts suspended SEVEN times in the last year. The last time I had 123,000 followers. Twitter gives no explanation nor do they offer remediation plus they delete all of your personal data which is illegal. The reasons they give are always false and as you see above always politically motivated. So while Jack is making his billions selling your data and trying to play social engineering and provide a Color Revolution platform for Intelligence Agencies, he does nothing against pedophiles and sexual deviants of every kind who use Twitter as a vehicle to exploit, rape, sell and even kill their victims. The number of these accounts is stunning so there is no plausible deniability, especially given the recent revelations by Project Veritas and the Sun that they read your messages. This might make the grade in the perverted United States but in countries around the world this kind of content is illegal and a moral outrage, and their practice of politically motivated and arbitrary suspensions and banning, in keeping with the mindset of the Gay Bay San Francisco Liberal Zionists, makes the platform unfit for the international community. We are against the DEATH EATERS and the PEDOS and we demand that the Internet be FREE!!! We also demand that the US Government ceases the practice of using Social Media as an instrument to destabilize countries and start wars.
With Regard to Russia we demand that Twitter stop supporting and banning Russian accounts following the dictates of the Ukrainian junta and the puppet government that the CIA installed and that they stop meddling and targeting Russia and continuing their attempts to fabricate a Russian Hacker scenario to serve as a purpose for war and an explanation for the loss of mass-murdering Clinton and her pedophile circle.
I want to finally thank all of the dozens of Anons and everyone who helped put these lists together. We were all shocked by the vast number.

Thursday, January 11, 2018

WADA and the IOC are now under the control of US Intelligence Agencies and being used to target Russia and seize Russian Assets. Internal e-mails and documents prove this.

Made Stateless by US Government in MOSCOW, RUSSIA for trying to get to the truth

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