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After almost 22 years refusing to normalize our status Russia wants to deport my daughter? VOLUME 3


Russia Kills Their Own Agent for the CIA!? Are We Not Humans Too? They Got My Son Now They Want My Daughter!!! How can you make people renounce their citizenship and then threaten to send them back ? Are you insane?                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  
It is almost my daughter’s birthday. She has lived in Russia since she was 6 and has no other family except me and her brother and her Russian sister whom she visits. She was born in Woodland California and is going to be 27 and was raised in Russia from the age of 6 and yet been forced to live as a refugee in Russia for 10 years now. Her life was destroyed by being forced to live as a refugee in a country where refugees are the lowest class of people.
Even though our family has followed the rules and laws of Russia and filed for citizenship in 2010,FMS has their own rules and apparently their power is above everyone else’s. Someone waved their hand at us when I refused to pay a bribe and I complained about the unfair treatment we were receiving. So they destroyed us. They are used to acting with impunity in their corruption, with using fear and threats and denying people basic rights in order to make their money on bribes and presents to which they believe they have a right and which is the only reason they work in their jobs where they are supposed to serve the people not the people serve them.
I made my daughter a promise when she was born, after I helped deliver her and was the first person to hold her. I promised her that I would always be there for her and would do everything and anything to protect her until the day I died. I always keep my promises, which is my principle problem I suppose, and that is what I am attempting to do now. I have kept my promises to the Russian Security Services, to the people who have trusted me and to my children, but now corrupt “officials” who openly laugh at us have forced me to take steps I do not want to do.
All my daughter ever wanted, and all we ever wanted, like all normal people was just to live a normal life, not to be rich or have a mansion or dozens of flats or new cars or vacation abroad like all of the officials in Lubertsy and Moscow, just to be average people and work and live in peace. Even though I was promised a flat and social support when I was recruited in 1998 and the flat was probably taken by my controllers and the social support never appeared, we were only allowed the “privilege” of becoming the first American political exiles in Russia. However even though we were told we would be given citizenship in a matter of a few weeks it never happened and now they are attempting to just delete us from history and from Russia as if we never existed.
After almost 22 years in Russia my daughter was just told she will be deported to the United States where she has never been and where she has no family or acquaintances, even though she has asylum and is supposed to be protected, and I was told that next year my asylum may not be extended. Given that we renounced US citizenship how is this possible? What kind of insanity is this. They made my son a criminal after my multiple complaints and want to deport him too even though he also renounced US citizenship. How is this even possible and for me and my daughter we have done nothing wrong!!!
The Experiment
Almost every time I have met with officials over the last three years they have mentioned the word “experiment” in reference to one matter or another. At my son’s trial, during the extensions of my documents, when I was re-registering my car for the millionth time, the word experiment always comes up in one context or another, which is in reality what the whole asylum “program” is in Russia, a big experiment and we are unwilling guinea pigs in their little game.
This is important because when I first came to Russia in the 1990s there was no such thing as asylum and I was not only the first ex-US citizen granted asylum but one of the first people EVER granted asylum in Russia and as we have seen they have made up the rules as they go along.
The Hell of Asylum
To think that there are millions or billions of rubles being sucked up by corrupt officials pretending to help refugees is infuriating but that is the reality. According to information we have whole subdivisions have been built for refugees (in Podolsk) but the apartment blocks were taken by the Baturina family and the apartments sold by “officials” and that is not the worst, there have been billions set aside for legal and other aid that has never reached Asylees and is distributed amongst the heads of departments for their fancy cars and expensive lifestyles.
Quite literally the system is being run by people who are only interested in making themselves rich and making life impossible for the most vulnerable of humans so they can make money from bribes and from the budget and by making the obtaining of an internal passport something impossible perhaps even from selling humans such as my family to the United States. It is the only way to explain what has happened to us and that is my official and final conclusion.
At the beginning, until we applied for citizenship the people seemed to try to help and then there came up the request for a 90,000 ruble bribe which eventually became 900,000 after we complained. I was told by the Security Service not to pay any bribe and now what? We are destroyed and have to die? Since that day nothing has changed and I was told nothing is different today and the same Molodievsky who is the one we believe gave the order we are not receive citizenship is still in power.
The issue of corruption must be addressed if I am to save my children and in Lubertsy and the Moscow Region it includes all of the heads of departments who regularly call each other and protect each other from investigation, prosecution and complaints. In fact the corruption goes all the way to persons or a person in the Presidential Administration. There can be no other explanation as to why my complaints of corruption to President Putin went directly to the “officials” I complained about, this is unheard of in any democratic or modern system. How can a complaint about corruption or illegality be sent to the person who is being reported in order for them to make a finding? Is Russia a banana republic? I did not think so before. I trusted that my identity would be kept private. It was not.
Although the law has two key points namely an asylee has all the rights of a Russian citizen except they can not vote and to receive asylum you must renounce any previous citizenship, in practice things are completely different. We will not even go into what international law says about receiving asylum and being free from continued persecution because Russia has failed in providing any protection whatsoever from persecution from the state we have asylum from and the agents of that state. My life and my family have been literally destroyed by the US and their agents here in Russia and as far as having all the rights of Russians is not even something we can talk about as it is so far from the truth as to be laughable.
1.       Registration: Although the registration and the propiska were deemed unconstitutional and illegal the system continues today and is the chief foundation for corruption and the false supremacy of what has become the upper class. I will not get into the details but even for Russians from other cities and foreigners registration is always a problem and almost always requires a bribe. It has nothing to do with state security otherwise any individual could register themselves wherever they lived. This is an endemic system which exists only in Russia. No other modern country in the world has such an archaic system. Without Registration no other action requiring a document can be done, not going to the hospital, not paying taxes or getting a job, not signing an employment contract or obtaining a driver’s license or registering a vehicle or opening a bank account or even buying a SIM card for a phone, nor will educational institutions take you so my children’s education simply stopped dead. Russians can get permanent registration but refugees can not, we will not even talk about the propiska or buying a flat or starting a business or any other normal thing.
2.       Yearly extension: I was told my asylum status is permanent and I renounced my US citizenship forever. Then it turns out it is not. Every year it has to be extended and EVERY year the who process started over again. When I had a job every year a new contract, every year a new tax number, every year a new driver’s license, a new medical insurance policy, reregistering my car, everything. So basically you have to spend about two months a year just getting new documents and in Russia that is a pure hell. As for renunciation this is complete lunacy that you could even mention being sent back!
3.       No support whatsoever: In most normal countries refugees are given subsidies, places to live, jobs, education, legal assistance, medical care and material help but in Russia, although supposedly some sort of help exists you get absolutely nothing whatsoever. Basically you get the document and as my daughter said it means nothing. They give you the document and tell you to eff off. The only thing it allows you not to be arrested or deported, supposedly.
4.       Yearly renewal of ALL required documents in Russia: As I mentioned above this is a living hell of a nightmare every year as is the yearly interview and the yearly wait of about a month while they give you the extension during which time you have no document just a piece of paper that you can do nothing with, not work not anything. After the month then you have another month to run around and renew everything.                                                                    
5.       Employment discrimination: It is hard enough being a foreigner in Russia but being a refugee is basically being on the very very bottom of the class system. You can not even get a job cleaning floors.
6.       No recognition by official bodies and institutions: Again although we were supposed to have all the rights of Russians no one recognizes the asylum document as something completely valid, they laugh or just tell you it is not normal and they can’t work with such “cases”, and that is when they are nice. When they see mine where it is written US citizen, the usually laugh at me and make comments about how normal America is and why did I run from there. It is a complete and total humiliation every time. 
7.       No property rights, not only can we not buy real estate, which is a fantasy for us, but I had my car literally simply stolen from me by the person it was registered to. Since I can not permanently register a vehicle I had a car I was driving using a three year power of attorney. Well one day the “owner” and her “friend” in the mafia with police connections simply took it and even though I reported it to the police there was nothing I could do. She was the registered owner.
8.       No banking or financial rights: Due to the document I can not even to this day after eight attempts to correct the issue transfer money from one of my accounts to another. According to banks we are not residents, even though we can not even leave the region let alone the country and according to the head of the Sberbank as a non-resident I can not be allowed to transfer money on-line from a savings account to a debit card account. Complete and total discrimination.
9.       Clarification on passport, registration and propiska: When I talk about getting a passport I am always talking about the internal document that is the only way to function and live normally in Russia. As for registration and propiska, basically a propiska is a permanent registration stamp. Without this you are officially called a bum without a permanent address. We will not even talk about an external normal passport it is something I will never have again.
10.   SUPER IMPORTANT! In order to get asylum you must renounce your previous citizenship. We did this. HOW ON EARTH CAN THEY NOW SEND US BACK!!!!???
FMS, Corruption, the CIA/MI6/MOSSAD5th Column and the US Embassy
At first I was told by the Russian security services and my Russian controller to just live with my US passport, as there was no asylum when I first arrived and just get a business visa every year, which I did, and once a year took my passport to an office paid the fees and they took care of everything. No renewing employment contracts or anything because the base document was considered permanent. After the US stripped me of citizenship and left me stateless and we got asylum, which should have been a historic and global victory, as I was the first US citizen to receive asylum in Russian and one out of only two or three other US nationals in the world with asylum, we literally just entered hell!
The wall of absolute corruption surrounding all of the above procedures and the incredible rudeness and brutality of all the officials who were supposed to be helping us became the equivalent of torture. I was told by my controller to keep quiet that I had received asylum and hide the fact. Something I did for almost two years until one day I had to renew my contract at the school I had built up for 13 years.
To make a long story short which I have documented on my site in more detail, the woman I worked with for 13 years told her daughter that I had political asylum in Russia. The daughter for some reason then made an emergency trip to New Jersey after which her “boyfriend”, a Ukrainian from New Jersey, showed up, bought Russian citizenship and was trying to get me to buy a Russian passport for 50 thousand dollars.
They then proceeded to take over my school, cut my salary to almost nothing, as I was no longer an “American” and stopped paying me completely and eventually locked me out of my school and kept all my possessions and materials. They were not happy I had asylum because that meant that I had connections they did not know about and this Ukrainian was trying to find out how it was I had asylum and why was I seen on many occasions visiting the office of the Security Service which I will get to in a minute.
This school was founded in the 1990s and at that time the owners BKC had to have mafia protection and pay the mafia to be allowed to work. This was what business was like in the ‘90s and as I was an excellent teacher and word got out I was soon teaching a lot of the children of these mafia and corrupt officials that lived in the area. Being as I was in the belly of the beast teaching the children of these people I learned a hell of a lot about who was who and even about killings and murders and the like. Some of the things I was asked to do like transferring 40 million dollars once and enrolling dozens of children in various US institutions were unbelievable but they used me for these things and of course I had to report them.
After they locked me out of my school I took them to court to get my back pay and my possessions back and eventually won the case but it went nowhere and still hasn’t and never will because the mafia is now the government in power in the city of Lubertsy which is why nothing I ever did or tried to do there ever worked.
I mentioned my controller earlier because I can no longer be quiet and it was he who in fact burned me. Rather than meeting in a café or restaurant of the nearby park I was always made to go directly into the office which had a plaque next to the door with the name of the service. I was even photographed entering the building once by a tourist and protested but he insisted it was safe. Horrendous negligent tradecraft but that is who I had to work with and if I refused? God only knows what they would have done to me.
Unfortunately my people in the town knew my car and many of my students had seen me entering the office as there were some of them who worked nearby and soon word spread.
Stunningly a young student of mine named Sergey, who knew I had a relationship with the service and had seen me and heard about it, and whom I taught for over ten years is now in the United States with political asylum. Did he sell me out? Or did my controller sell me out?
Someone sold me out tht is clear even if only based on the fact that the official reason for the revocation of my citizenship and passport was totally fake. Child support for children I raised by myself in Russia? Lunacy! Or perhaps it was my site which the CIA Station Chief told me to close? Or was it Mike Smith who befriended me when I released the MI6 files and the NSA Post Hypnotic Scripts and turned out to be working for MI6?
Regardless I know I was burned by someone, perhaps multiple individuals whom I had trusted. You see most of them hated Russia and would have done anything to get visas and get in good with the USA to fulfil their abstract dreams of the Statue of Liberty and freedom and prosperity and justice which they all believed was waiting for them in the land of milk and honey.
After losing my school and all of this transpired where else could I work with refugee documents except for the government? So I was placed in the Voice of Russia and there the corruption was even worse and for the next 5 years I had the “pleasure” of working with “the Jews” and the Jewish media mafia that actually control much of the government and the banking system and of course, the media.
It is a joke in Russia that to get a job in the media all you have to do is show up and say, “I am a Jew!” and you will get a job but thrat is how it is. I was only given a job because of my perfect English because there was actually violent opposition, due to the fact that I have asylum. Yes the “patriotic” Voice of Russia World Service did not want a patriot to Russia working there, and I soon found out why.
There was a deep rooted long running operation that had been working there since Soviet Times, people making $400 a month driving new Land Rovers getting salaries from MI6 and the CIA, ghost employees whose salaries went to the bosses and the widespread theft of Russian budgetary monies though various clever “schemes”. They were so blatant and obvious and completely over-confident in their impunity that they were sloppy and therefore all of this became obvious to me very quickly.
I worked like 9 people there to make my salary while these people came in once a day and slept on the job and the like, but I was doing a noble job I thought. I was defending and promoting Russia to a global audience of 480 million people and I was exposing US illegality and 911 and I was doing one hell of a job which of course did not go unnoticed by the US Government and the CIA. So the CIA no doubt issued orders to take me down and after 5 years the Voice of Russia was itself liquidated, either because of the corruption or its effectiveness in countering US propaganda.
During all of the above events and always in the background my family and I were trying to get citizenship and I was still working for the Services and informing on what was going on and continuing my work gathering and finding information on the internet, my journalistic work and my work with my sources who I still have not given up or exposed. I also became a WikiLeaks Associate which in hindsight was a huge mistake as it turned out to be an Intelligence Operation. I also became a very loud Russian propaganda operative for the government and was exposing US illegality to an international audience. I got to the point where I was being cited by the New York Times and my interviews and articles were being picked up, republished and cited by global media and people from all over the world. And then Snowden showed up and everything went downhill for us from there.
The first post Snowden event was right before we were supposed to get citizenship and was the first attempt on my son, in what we discovered was an ordered arrest by the US Embassy. Fortunately the operation to plant narcotics on him was filmed and we obtained a copy of the recordings and then the whole thing was simply ignored. But they did not stop. Their next operation saw him arrested and locked away in a prison colony awaiting deportation where he has been for over two years now. We have written about his case and have new evidence that the witnesses were off duty cops but no one will do anything to help him and no one will listen to us and no one in Russia cares. He was an English teacher, he was about to get married and was working for a company programming aps for smart phones but the CIA’s agents made him out to be a drug dealing piece of filth and now he will be deported to a country he renounced citizenship in and where he will be tortured and exploited and trafficked.
The next arrest was supposed to be me and I was even told I would be locked up for the rest of my life and would be creating plans and projects for the government, this was by the cop in Lubertsy who “oversaw my divorce”, I kid you not, there was a cop telling me not to see my ex-wife, not to do this regarding my kids and not to do that, all of it documented.
Amazingly 22 Years of Hell has been Simply for a Document
That things have gotten to this is not my fault. We followed the law. We filed for citizenship and followed all of the rules and procedures. We did everything we were supposed to. I helped the Secret Services and the Government and allowed myself to be used for propaganda purposes and did not pay a bribe as I was told to and had someone not wanted this big horrendous show that you are witnessing they would have simply issued us documents and we would have lived our little lives quietly, I would have continued creating native English speaking Russians for the elites and we would have lived like everyone else and not bothered anyone and supported the system and not made any noise or complained or had to write dozens of letters to the President of the country or the media or international bodies. Did they really think we would just die off quietly? Or is their greed and impunity so incredibly high that they actually believe in their own righteousness and that they are truly entitled to receiving their bribes and feeding off the less fortunate and will they be allowed to destroy an entire family for their American masters and be allowed to get away with it? Because that is what I have been fighting in Russia for 20 years. A CIA planted and installed 5th column that is bent on destroying the Russian State and the Russian people.
So for about ten years we battled to normalize our status and no matter what we did we were not allowed to. I have to remind you I have been married twice officially in Russia and have two daughters I am not allowed to see who are all Muscovites, just this fact alone is horrendous. 
What Did We Do? We Filed Complaints, We Reported, We Fought Them, We Tried to Work in the System
It is stunning and almost unbelievable but every time we filed complaints and wrote to the President who has the authority to grant citizenship and does so all the time to Hollywood and other American stars the reports and complaints went right to the corrupt filth we were reporting on. Like some banana republic. And what did these officials do? What did my controller do when I said I was promised a flat and social package? They used the most cowardly defense possible. They said I lied. But I have proof of everything and I am going to release it all soon, names dates, photographs, recordings, everything. I may be many things but I am not a liar!
Their demands for bribes the constant threats, the attacks on my person, the destruction of my life and career and family have all been documented and no one has helped not even the Secret Service I work for and was recruited by, they have all covered for their own scum and the FMS has done whatever they please even after I was escorted directly to them by agents who made themselves known (the last time a General arranged a meeting) and the director of FMS Lubertsy offered to give me a rope and soap to hang myself. These same animals kill FSB agents, plant narcotics and destroy decent people and steal whatever they want and they are allowed to get away with it. How? Is Russia really a banana republic?
My Daughter was Robbed of an Education a Career and a Life
My daughter was a good girl and intelligent and pretty and had a bright future ahead of her. She had difficulty growing up in Russia due to the racism and name-calling by her classmates but she studied well and knows two languages fluently, is responsible and very bright with computers. Had she been issued a normal document and been allowed to study she would have been a wonderful specialist and professional.
Due to all of the above difficulties she was not able to continue her studies and because of the taking of my school and my regular employment and a horrible young man who mysteriously appeared when all of this was happening she has suffered greatly though absolutely no fault of her own. When her brother was framed she became terrified as I did and we went into hiding. She is afraid to leave the place where she lives as I am. We now live in terror and this terror has to stop! We did nothing wrong!
John my son and her brother was also robbed of his life, his career, education and his own family that he was about to start. He was engaged to be married and had everything going for him when these brutal mafia narco cops beat him, kicked him calling him Dagestani and finally set him up and sent him to prison to try to get a bribe out of me in the millions.
I was also robbed of everything, two daughters I cannot see, one in hiding who blames me, a son in a prison colony, my marriage career and life and all for fighting the destruction of Russia and the 5th column scum. I will now expose all of them, the narcotics cops, the generals and officers and all of the officials in Lubertsy and Zhulebino who stole flats and the landlords who pay no taxes and exploit the poor and the working taking every penny they can from them and turning them into slaves while never paying taxes and the cops who and officials who in the ‘90s were bandits and killers and murdered people left and right.
I promised revelations and to tell you things or interest other than the personal hell I have been through which I know no one really cares about and since I always keep my word here, as they say, goes nothing!
I have stated on the Web and on the site and on Twitter during many occasions that Edward Snowden is a fake and was sent specifically to target me and to ensure the liquidation of the Voice of Russia. I have also written about being poisoned in the office of Dimitry Kisilyov and throwing up blood for three days afterwards, I have also told you about the baseball bat meeting at the Voice of Russia where I was forced to give up my passwords to my personal e-mails and I told you about the threats from the assistant editor at the Voice of Russia and then the similar threats over the phone to fabricate criminal cases against me and I told you it was about all of journalistic work exposing the CIA, US illegality and Ukraine and this is all valid and documented and true but there was other stuff going on behind the scenes that was even more damaging to the CIA in Moscow than my public work and it is for all of this that first McFaul targeted me and then Greenberg/Snowden was sent.
First let me tell you a secret about my articles and it is something I have regretted since day one. The 5th column at the VOR was involved in all kinds of machinations and one of them involved giving too many jobs to one person. I was doing too many jobs and they decided to use my son as the official author for my articles. This was done without my knowledge and then when I found out I reported it. My articles caused quite an uproar and I was even targeted by Visa and our salaries were blocked. I was uncovering secret information, working with WikiLeaks and publishing articles for the world to see and broadcasting them to 480 million listeners worldwide exposing the illegality of the US. It was my work that killed and exposed the TPP and broke the Boston Bombing and I continued for years attempting to get to the bottom of 911, I exposed NATO plans using secret information and sources for a bloody uprising in Crimea and the declaration by radical Muslims of their own territory which NATO was supposed to have recognized in order to build a base just like Kosovo. It was my direct work and Intel that stopped that. But that is not all. I also exposed the NATO missile shield as ineffective and that did not go unnoticed and I was helping the Occupy Movement and more for many years. But again that is not all.
Our targeting by the VOR 5th Column and the CIA and MI6 was also due to my other work for the Secret Service which was uncovered as I mentioned above and which my student living with asylum in the US was nice enough to verify as well as a CIA/NSA agent who contacted me recently and dropped several bombshells on me regarding Snowden and Obama and confirmed what I have known all along yet even the Russian Security Services cannot do anything about. This regards Greenberg/Snowden. Why? The only explanation is that Russia is not as free or independent as I believed and there are a host of people lying to President Putin. So this information has to get to President Putin and any other President that are fighting US and Zionist imperialism and the Illuminati 911 psychopathic cabal trying to create a New World Order and destroy the morals of all humanity.
The destruction of my family was too organized and too well planned out to have been just coincidence. Look at the monsters the US Embassy sent out, who sat through my son’s trial laughing, my parked car being hit while he was being sentenced, the fact that an “immigration officer” who I openly confronted and accused of orchestrating all of it, saying they were short of staff but appearing as if we were immigrants when we are the sovereigns, the phony nature of the trial of my son, which was staged with an outcome that was predetermined with even the judge admitting that of they went after the cops 40 people would lose their jobs and then the  divorce and custody show on the upper floor which finalized the divorce the day before I could have received citizenship through marriage, it was all orchestrated.
Is the 5th column that I have fought against so real and powerful that it controls all of the real processes in Russia, it would appear so and the Russians want it thus. They destroyed the Soviet Union, installed their puppet CIA infrastructures, laws and organizational hierarchy with the one understanding that there be no return to Communism. They oversaw privatization and made all the 5th column and their agents rich and then I come along exposing them. Of course there was blowback.
Then there is the moment of my son’s arrest and the lead investigator who told me ‘oh I KNOW YOU WORK FOR THE “Security Service ” but your son doesn’t does he? As if trying to find out how far they could go. I of course did not answer her but it was clear she knew and the message was clear that that was the reason she brought it up. Apparently these mafia narco-filth thought I was working against them when I was working against their CIA masters but in the end it turns out it was the same thing, they work for the CIA, who else traffics drugs in foreign countries?
Organ Trafficking
So not only was I right about Snowden but there was another revelation that the entire Pizzagate fiasco revealed for me and verified some of my darkest fears and this is something that the Russian Government the Russian Security Services and President Putin need to deal with in a most serious manner. That is namely the human trafficking that the US Government and the CIA have been proven to be involved with. This includes sex trafficking slavery and organ trafficking for the elites.
Old History CPS Human Trafficking and My Own HELL
Before I move on to the big revelation I want to repeat for those who do not know me or missed my wrtings on the matter and tell you about something that I only remembered two summers ago after the stress of watching my son taken away and I also want to tell you about the Pelosi connection because this directly affects the safety and security of my children.
The first thing is that I remembered that I was sold or given to a US Government Program when I was 12. I was placed in a “Special Group Home” for MENSA kids. I believe it was an MKULTRA Program because I was subjected to experimentation and even before then they were attempting to make me a Remote Viewer. So technically I was the property of the US Government and the CIA in their opinion, which goes to explain why they treated my children as their property as well. This has to be mentioned because of a statement made to me by Nancy Pelosi in 2007, which at the time seemed merely odd, with the Pizzagate revelations made perfect evil and black sense. Giving my kids up as collateral for a passport was merely business for them.
It is something pretty serious if the entire US Government and the speaker are involved in or covering up pedophilia, child sex trafficking, human trafficking and organ trafficking of humans! This is very serious indeed and knowing this Pelosi’s statement to me to send my children to America where they would have had no home or relative or anyone they knew and would have ended in some state home under control of the US Government and the CIA while I was in Russia and they knew I could not return was something to worry about , I remind you it was in 2007 when I was trying to resolve why my passport was revoked and I was left stateless that Pelosi told me ”Give up your kids as collateral and my office will assist you in getting your passport back.”
Even now I shudder to think what the US Government and the CIA would do to my kids if they return there. The would be disappeared so easily and no one would ever know so they can create Agents because of their language skills or be interrogated and tortured of course or trafficked as the Pelosi letter implies and traded as collateral for something else Pelosi wants!
The US tortures and kills and brainwashes and murders and rapes and does whatever they want to human beings! They have slaughtered millions and I hope and believe the Russians are fighting a war of good versus evil and I believe in President Putin and am placing my life in his direct hands
Why have I been targeted since 1995?
I have a revelation to make and if FMS, the CIA Narco-Mafia police killers, Putin’s Administration, the US Government, the CIA and MI6 know about this why shouldn’t the world? Why should I keep my silence if it has only allowed US assets and agents to secretly destroy my family and I while I must remain silent?
I was outed by my own controller so it was his tradecraft and not mine which led to my outing from the agency being revealed. Whether out of laziness or just plain uncaring stupidity he used to make me meet him at the office rather than at a nearby café or other location as I had requested many times.
I have signed multiple non-disclosure agreements and documents regarding confidentiality and promised not to reveal anything about my relationship with them and will continue to do so except for the simple fact of a relationship which apparently I have taken far more seriously than they have or one they are so confident I will never reveal even to the point where they believe I will sacrifice my children. Unfortunately they are mistaken I will no longer allow my children to suffer. 
The Revelations: How I know Snowden and WikiLeaks are Ops and Greenberg was sent for me.
I may have worked in secret for multiple Russian Secret Services and the Soviet and Russian Governments in various unspecifiable capacities for over 25 years.
I will give you three possible examples but there are actually hundreds if not more.
Perhaps I was recruited in 1986 perhaps I wasn’t. Perhaps I ferried Russian Agents and packages all over the US and across US Canadian and US Mexican borders for years undetected perhaps I didn’t. Perhaps I was broadcasting intelligence to the Russians on shortwave for decades perhaps I wasn’t. Perhaps the envelope I passed to the US embassy in San Francisco contained nuclear secrets perhaps it didn’t. The issue here is that I was suspected of working for the KGB and then ended up in Moscow after I had everything taken away and then they revoked my passport which the United Nations got back and I get asylum and I am sitting on the Voice of Russia exposing 911 to an audience of 480 million and writing articles exposing CIA color revolution plans for the Russian Federation. So of course the CIA is like WTF!??!?!
One example which I will almost admit to is the MI6 list of over 400 MI6 Agent which I not only published and leaked but gave to the Russians first maybe. The second example involves ex-Ambassador Michael McFaul and his color revolution plans which I stopped and then he came after me! This is real and documented! And the third example was my sounding the alarm on plans by the Right Sector and Extremists in Crimea to start a bloody revolt and declare an independent republic that NATO would have recognized using the Kosovo scenario. So you could sy Crimea becoming part of Russia was my fault. If you want.
Amazingly! Unbelievably! Thanks to the Jewish US controlled media here in Russia we have no support in Russia! This is stunning! Now after the Ukrainian Salogub and the mafia have destroyed our lives and after the years of torture and waiting and uncertainty they think are just going to dispose of us? I cannot allow that to happen.
PRISM and all of the massive spying were not revealed by Snowden! They were revealed by  me to the Russians FIRST, maybe! The NSA, CIA and MI6 had a leak and I was it! And they sent Snowden to plug it to protect the US National Security! All understandable!
I am certain what I have seen in 20 years is not something they want coming out! The Genrals and Colonels in the Gorodok who took dozens of apartments each for all their family and friends, the hundreds more they sold and rent out and the people they killed or made homeless! The 40 million dollars I was used to transfer and still have all the details to in case something happens to me. And then there are the” Jews” and I have seen with my own eyes how they destroyed the Voice of Russia, deleting all of the serious programs that shed a positive light on Russia! Turning it into an idiot show! Getting rid of any intelligent intellectual debate and anything moral and promoting higher values and the rule of law! I saw it and watched them do it with their little Masonic plans and sexual sickness and deviations! I saw it and watched them and fought them and they got even!
Why I Wrote This
After 22 years in Russia and serving the Russian state in multiple capacities and putting up with their archaic post-Soviet US engineered self-destructive document system and the endless attacks by the Sayanim and CIA/MI6 installed assets throughout the government and society, FMS told me that next year they will probably not extend my asylum and that I need to file for citizenship again. They also said they will deport my daughter possibly this week and they will deport my son after he serves 5 years for a crime he did not commit.
We have all renounced US citizenship and we would face torture and worse if returned to the United States. My children would be used to blackmail me from there! Even if the children were not imprisoned it would be nothing except torture for them to have to undergo reprogramming to accept the disgusting sexual perversions, LGBTQPB and endless sexual sickness of American society. For me it would be a death sentence and the Voice of Russia made sure of that 100%.
I am asking for the last time for President Putin to give us citizenship and allow us to live normal lives. If they still refuse I am asking any country that will give us citizenship and where we will not be discriminated against due to our race and political beliefs to grant us citizenship and safe passage there. I was born in Puerto Rico, I speak Spanish Russian and English and I have renounced US citizenship on multiple occasions publicly!
I am technically a traitor to the United States but I want to make it clear I am a traitor to the filth who have taken over the government and the murderous criminal organization called the CIA. I am against the unholy monsters who sell children and take them from healthy families at CPS and the Cops who kill people at will and the puppets who rule the country for Israel and send American boys to die for bankers and Israel! I am against the CIA which traffics humans and kills Americans and creates instability and war and destroys peaceful countries for the Rothschilds and the Corporation. I am against the Corporation that killed my people and stole our lands and continues their genocide. I am against the Skull and Bones Masonic Genocidal conspiracy to enslave the world. If that is America then I am a traitor and I have done what I can to destroy and expose these monstrous criminals, mass murderers, pedophiles and enslavers of humanity.
So dear beloved Russia and President Putin and the world human rights community, I ask you not to deport my children to the United States and do the right thing and give them Russian citizenship! They have done nothing wrong and will face torture, trafficking and possibly death or exploitation if they are returned to the United States, at a minimum it will break up their family and if you have one human or humanitarian cell in your bodies you will not allow my family to be destroyed further. I also ask you to at least show me a drop of human courtesy and respect for my entire life that I have given to Russia and the Russian people and the Russian world. I have done more for Russia than most Russians and deserve at least to be treated as a person and not an animal.

Made Stateless by US Government in MOSCOW, RUSSIA for trying to get to the truth

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