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23 GBs of Sensitive Secret and Top Secret US Documents Released


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Beating the FBI a Guide for Russians

Beating the FBI a Guide for Russians 


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100% Proof There Were No Russian Hackers: The DNC Files Were a Leak As Were the Podesta E-Mails
July 13, 2018 - POST ONE: I have never outed a real source but if the "source" is a fake and carrying out a spook operation or part of one then the rules regarding "sources" do not apply. Forensically it has been proven that the DNC E-Mails were hacked and downloaded onto a USB drive with a portable Linux Operating system installed on it. The computer with the files on it was simply switched off and then rebooted from the USB drive which loaded the Linux OS which of course had root access to the drives. Very simple and anyone with even elementary computer knowledge could have done it.
As a former WikiLeaks associate who knows that all of the real hackers and activists and leakers and truthers have been eradicated except one or two, it gives me great pleasure to expose any of the CIA/NSA spook operators running the fake WikiLeaks Ops, and here I will present one of them to you.
If CIA Twitter had not deleted all of my Twitter accounts and banned me for life you would have been able to correlate and analyze the times and release dates of the Podesta E-Mails and you would have found that on numerous occasions I was uploading the Podesta E-Mails onto JAR2 sometimes as much as several hours BEFORE WikiLeaks.
So what do the Podesta E-Mails have to do with the DNC Leak?
I could not report on this earlier because I was not sure that the person behind the file transfer location was in fact a SPOOK but now it can be stated with almost 100% certainty that the person named "Mike" is probably an MI6 operative connected to the Cambridge Analytic quagmire and the actual real life meddling in the US Election process that they are trying to blame on Russia. I also could not expose this persona earlier because I was not sure if the person may have just been an innocent "associate" like me but since this persona keeps on rolling and is now admitting they were an inside player in the WikiLeaks Limited Hangout you can be certain it is a SPOOK.
Given information I have I would say the person is ASIS and/or MI6 because they are located in the UK but that is going to be for future research and outing the real person behind Mike will be for the LULZSEC people hiding in the shadows, so right now let's meet Mike "the Dyke or something" and then I will share with you where the Podesta E-Mails were actually coming from and where WikiLeaks and I were actually downloading them from.
This persona knows the DNC E-Mails were a leak and not a hack and knows there was no Russian connections because this persona was responsible for uploading the files in question for WikiLeaks, yet this persona does nothing to counter the claims that it was GRU or Russian Intelligence because this persona has to cover their own ass and making Russia the scapegoat is the way of choice these days for every kind of Cyber Spook Operator possible. So here I go again defending Russia as I get screwed left and right but the TRUTH is what matters!
Meet Michael Best aka Mike Best aka Emma Best, another supposedly "sexually challenged" trans figure (could it be Bradley Manning?) I thought of that but no, so according to my research which I will reveal when the time comes this is him, her, it, whatever....
Michael Best aka Mike Best aka Emma Best ASIS/Rothschild/CIA FVEY Agent


So where and how were the Podesta and DNC files being transferred to WikiLeaks? And thus where is the TOP SECRET WikiLeaks data transfer location? How do I know this. I told you I am the last living and free REAL WikiLeaks Associate and my investigation into the PSYOP freaks is over.....
Don't bother saying hi for me but you can tell them their asses are cooked. So without further ado here are the links and the rest is up to you LULZSEC/ZEROSEC/ANONYMOUS guys to fill in the cyber details:
Michael's Official "Job" is of course a propaganda creator like Joseph Farrell.

Michael's alter personas are Mike Best who turned into Emma Best following the NWO trans agenda.
SO where is this top secret file transfer hub and where was I pulling all of the WikiLeaks' "releases" and the Podesta Files from? First I want to say that now that they know I knew they will wonder how much shit that they deleted and tried to hide I actually already have and intercepted. Tsk tsk tsk. And now for the DRUM ROLL PLEASE!!!!! (I always wanted to say that)
And the SECRET ASIS/WikiLeaks/CIA file transfer hub is............. TA DUM https://archive.org/ 
Can I be more specific? OKAY First the RAW zipped Podesta E-Mails were being uploaded by the user Mike Best, then we downloaded and posted immediately while WikiLeaks was either delayed or doing their little formatting jobs and censoring the really bad stuff... All an investigator or researcher has to do is get access to the upload/download logs I can not help much as all my meta data was primarliy on Twitter but I am sure with the right forensic tools the RAW files on JAR2 can be analyzed to determine donwload, creation and post times... We stopped World War III and if we saved even one child it was worth it so if I am worried about implicating myself in publishing files the publi has a right to know about and expoing the completely fraufulent and fake nature of the US ELection System so be it. As a journalist I fulfilled my responsibility to inform, if mass-murdering Clinton was slowed down that is wonderful.  
OKAY so now what? WIll anyone pay attention to this? Will this go viral as it should? Hell no. We are not an Op and are truly exposing their fakery so therefore of course not but those few survivng WikiLeaks associates in hiding and the Hackers and Hacktivists still fighting in the Shadows now know as well as anyone else who matters. There you go. The big secret. Russian hackers had nothing to do with the DNC but the Australian Secret Intelligence Service and MI6 did. Please spread and PLEASE SUPPORT JAR2!!! We are starving to death over here!!!

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PayPal Sanctions by Delay, Why Russia Must Say No to Crypto Currencies 

Post Three: Why the cyber "economy" and crypto currency must be avoided to ensure State Security: PayPal Extends Delays



PayPal has decided to continue their anti-Russian operations and anti-JAR2 measures in ways they believe will not be noticed. However they are very noticed. Given that I have been targetted and blocked by every crowd-funding platform and almost every method of raising revenue in the West except for PayPal which I had depended on, any punitive arbitrary measures by PayPal which other than long delays in transferring funds was more or less useable, are extremely noticeable. Two weeks ago transfers were going through the next day which seemed as if their operations had completely normalized, now they have come up with an even longer transfer period than the 3 business days that it was before. Now they state it may take 5-7 days to transfer funds to my bank. Making them an even worse option than before but since they have a monopoly there is nothing we can do. Visa very cleverly blocks us by making international transfers non-accessible and only available to users of MasterCard which is in reality the same company so it is just another way to implement illegal arbitrary punitive measures under the radar. This is my first hand experience and this is across the board,. therefore any country seeking to extract themselves from the Western web of "influence" and "manipulation" must take serious measures against Visa MasterCard PayPal and other services and in this regard stay completely away from Crypto Currencies which would allow for money to simply disappear forever with no recourse whenever the banksters see fit. Crypto Currencies are a scam at best they rob from users with extremely illegally high service fees of even 36% and at worst openly rob and simply disappear finances as has been the case already with crypto currency servers mysteriously shutting down and disappearing  and the very popular tactic of blocking users from their accounts by telling users their access keys are wrong or there are other cryptic reasons their accounts are not accessible. It is all a fraud and any country seriously considering using crypto currencies needs to have its collective head examined, this includes Russia and Venezuela and China, unless they themselves seek means to rob their own populaces.

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It is the End of the World as You Know It. Get Out Before it is too Late!

April 08, 2018 00:44 - After the now 12 suspensions, 4 yesterday alone, for doing absolutely nothing wrong, (I do not swear at people or threaten or do anything else illegal or outrageous, I never insult people or try to intimidate, I just try to wake them up to truths that they are not allowed to know), we are working on other things that all of our eternal "waking up" on Twitter were taking time away from but I must say a few more words on this in order for you to fully understand what they are doing if it is not already clear.


Since 911 I have investigated those events and intelligence related operations and have been active on the Internet since the day it was created and I can ensure you that what we are seeing with social media and in this case, with Twitter in particular, is an active real-time psychological operation attempting to manipulate and mass-mind control millions of people.

What we are seeing happening in the world today, right now, is what those in the truth community have been trying to tell the world for years now, and now everything that was predicted by those of who have been dismissed as "Conspiracy Theorists" and insane tin-foil-hat-wearing loons is coming true. 

The worst part of all of it are the insane lengths they are going to suppress the truth. I just did a search on Twitter for JAR2. The only persons who have bothered to say anything about my suspensions are Anons, and only a couple and now the Psychological Operations lunatics have put out a tag Kuki_JAR2 so any search for JAR2 leads to that and no one will find out about anything that happened to me. What they are guilty of is criminal, in Russia at least, this specific targeting of a journalist and truther and their specific support of Ukrainian nazi filth who call children burned alive in Kemerova animals. 

Those are the creatures who run the CIA and MOSSAD and the Ukrainian SBU, and those are the demons I have been fighting. Unfortunately they have unlimited resources and personnel and all I have are a few supporters and a site. However this shows me that my conclusion to the Skripal affair is probably about 98% right on the money and the Robert Steele and Litvinenko revelations added to that were reason enough for them to NUKE me right off of Twitter. By their own actions they have lost any credibility they had. 

Finally my dear readers we are entering the darkest of times. If they get away with their plans for the "New World Order", which they will do in the West as there is no one who can stop them now, soon they will disarm the population (already happening) and launch another mass-casualty false flag and call up the REX 84 protocols and intern and execute millions upon millions of innocent people and eradicate millions more with a biological genocide.

I have never gone that far openly but that is what the evidence shows is happening.

Unfortunately there is no one left who you can trust in the West for the truth. Assange, Snow Den and even Alex Jones have proven themselves to be participants in Psychological Operations and Limited Hangouts and entrapment operations. Time has shown this to be true as well. I am sorry I could not do more and I implore you all to get out if you can while you have the chance.

I will tell you one final thing right now, the wall, as I said and warned earlier, will be built not to keep out some poor Mexican farm workers or non-existent terrorists, but to keep Americans in!!!

Every year around my birthday the scum who have been targetting me plan something and given that they think my only donations were coming from Twitter this may have had something to do with it too. However I think it is my Skripal work and what I mentioned above. Regardless please support the site and make a small donation today. 


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Twitter/Google Under Control of CIA/MOSSAD/MI6/FVEY/SBU/Globalists: Bans JAR2 (12 times)



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President Putin and the Dawn of a New Age as the Strategic Balance of the World Changes: Ending the Genocidal Rampage of the US/NATO/CIA Death Machine

President Putin and the Dawn of a New Age as the Strategic Balance of the World Changes: Ending the Genocidal Rampage of the US/NATO/CIA Death Machine

March 02, 2018 - The New World Order "Illuminati" are having kittens and panicking as they slowly begin to realize that their reign of terror is over and all of the influence and manipulation they hoped to achieve with attempts at terrorizing and forcing Russia to submit to the will of the trans Atlantic Cabal are now nothing but dust now regulated to the dustbin bin of history. 

The presentation by President Vladimir Putin to the Federal Assembly of the new trio of weapons that Russia has developed, has done nothing short of completely changing the strategic balance of the world on the military level and for the West which has been attempting to take over the world by force since 911 and since this is the only level they operate on, this means that the days of the Project for a New American Century world takeover by force are over.
Why is this so important?
What NATO, the US, Israel and Saudi Arabia wanted, along with all of their Intelligence Agencies, Corporations, financial bodies and the "elites" who control it all, was to simply go around the world dictating to leaders, governments, countries and entire peoples what they were to do. You and I might call this slavery and subjugation or imperialism and colonization and these are things that we will not tolerate, we call it an attack and the destruction of our sovereignty and they, in their disconnected alternate realities, call it the New World Order.
How can one weapon, one single invention, change things to the level I have been talking about on social media and have been writing about? In much of my earlier work I reported on and studied the Prompt Global Strike Program of NATO and the so-called Anti-Ballistic Missile Shield architecture, as well as hundreds of academic papers, strategic findings, intelligence reports, blueprints, geopolitical plans, policy papers and doctrines, such as the RAD from the PNAC NeoCons, which still appears to be what they are channeling, and more recently the new American Nuclear Doctrine, and it is clear that all of the thinking and focus of the architects of the global takeover, revolves around the faulty precept that global Hegemony can be gained through the use of force where the victims have no recourse or proper means to defend themselves or in fact even resist.
This same type of recidivist elitist supremacist thinking also applies to their methods in other areas, for example the attempts at forcing the implementation of instruments of control, such as the TPP, which would have been a complete and total corporate coup d'├ętat, and the gradual forcing into acceptance of mass global genocide under Agenda 21. In short they depend on their victims having no recourse and in terms of "defense" have no ability to fight back.
To call them cowards is nowhere near how low they truly are, words more like larva and pond scum would be more accurate albeit an insult to those living organisms, for these are the same demons who have kept innocent men in an illegal torture dungeon for almost two decades now, arrest and intimidate children, kill pregnant mothers, destroy entire countries, legalize the murder of journalists and are as you read this, involved in nine illegal active wars.
Their impunity to violate and ignore every single international law, body and civilized framework and their only "strength" is their ability to kill and commit the mass murder of huge numbers of people, even remotely, while enjoying almost no resistance. Kind of like, if you will, what happened in Las Vegas not long ago, only with the shooter sitting in an armored vehicle perfectly safe and at no risk, while he is slaughtering people at will. Take this to a grander scale and it is what we have at the international level. Starting with Star Wars, then the ABM shield then drones, where the killing is done from the comfort and safety of a bunker thousands of miles away, and then space weapons and onward, the entire cowardly thinking is not in keeping with any known rules of war or conflict, but is completely removed from any humanly acceptable practice as it is akin to shooting puppies in a barrel. These examples quantify Western "Illuminati" New World Order supremacist "tactical" thinking, simplyu committing genocide at will.
Thank God for President Putin and Russia, we now have not only an equal and even playing field, but are now able to defend oursleves properly and end the cowardly impunity of the NATO criminal murder machine and mafia like state protection racket of demanding an eternal 3%-5% GDP annually and eternal business for the MIC with compatability and weapons upgrades to the end of time.  
The recent rhetoric and propaganda operations have been going all out to push for war. Their use of information operations and outlets which I know they control, to push a false Russian election hacker narrative (completely ludicrous especially you consider that in the year 2000 there was a clear and obvious coup in the US and everyone knew the election was a fake yet there was no noise) and their attempts to say that cyber meddling is the equivalent of an armed military attack make it clear what the goal is, war.
Add to the Psychological Operations for the creation of Manufactured Consent for war and all of the bellicose rhetoric and drum beating, the number of nuclear weapons moving around the world and surrounding Russia and the recent Nuclear Weapons Posture Review, and it is clear they are planning for a nuclear war and the target is Russia. However Russia's new unstoppable weapons, such as the hypersonic rocket pictured above, which has multiple self-targeting nuclear warheads, defacto completely ends the impunity. 
The US/NATO/CIA/MOSSAD/Saudi death machine will soon be Tango Down as factually they can now be stopped and prevented from rampaging around t eh world waging endless war and sending dear John letters in the form of Doctor Strangelove bombs anymore.
The strategic balance of the world has gone though a quantative shift and in reality all NATO weapons are now obsolete, useless and in fact pose a danger to anyone who is hosting or holding them because now they can be taken out and the entire US/NATO military machine, through their own actions, are now like the rampaging nazis on he Maidan and Russia and its allies have taken over the positions of the snipers and can take them out at will if need to be.
 The strategic balance of the world has seen a historic cardinal change the depths of which we are only beginning to imagine. The blackmail from trans-Atlantic and Zionist states could be ended right now. NATO's 3-5% GDP annual protection racket and expansion could be stopped. 911 could finally be solved and the real guilty brought to tribunals for their Crimes Against Humanity and their illegal endless wars of domination. US war crimes, their illegal torture dungeon, endless aggressive wars and endless meddling, regime change operations and systematic Balkanization and destruction of entire regions can now be stopped.
Russia could in fact literally SAVE HUMANITY! Russia can now demand an end to the nazi junta killing civilians in Donbass and an end to the slaughter of Palestinians and Rohingya and American Indians! Countries may begin flocking to Russia's side and leaving the NATO Gladio Terrorist supported protection racket because now they can really be kept safe from the real threat to their countries people and sovereignties. Russia does not want to dominate and rule the world, Russia seeks multi-polarity and relations with sovereign peoples on an equal basis.
President Putin and Russia have just ended all of the plans by the rampaging, regime changing, genocide committing, Illuminati New World Order and allowed Russia and the World to protect themselves.
I believe in Russia and President Putin! Please PRAY with me to give them WISDOM and the WILL to bring about PEACE and an END to WAR forever!
Congratulations tp President Putin, Russia, all of the brilliant SCIENTISTS who have worked in secret and we may never know about and PEACE to you and to all of the peace-loving peoples of the world!!!

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My Book on the Ukraine is now complete - 526 pages

Dear Past Supporters,

Best wishes to all of you! Hope you are enjoying the best life has to offer!

MY ONE OF A KIND BOOK: Nuland's Nazis and the Destruction of Ukraine First Edition (526 pages) is available for download! However it is encrypted and password protected and you will need to make ANY size donation to get the password(s) if you are interested.

I am also looking for anyone interested in publishing the Second Edition (or buying it outright), which contains even more information, after I get through the editing, which has become a huge job and is ongoing.

I hope you find the book interesting as it is a historical record of events that are already being erased or changed in the history books. In a hundred years no one will know what really happened in the Ukraine if things continue as they are going! So I hope you see the value of this factual work.

Hope to see some support for this. Make any size donation for the passwords and instructions how to decrypt.

Thank you so much,


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The Pedo Files Four: Twittergate

Jack Dorsey in the Cross Hairs for Protecting Pedo Accounts
Anonymous/ZeroSec/JAR2 Release Tens of Thousands of Pedo Accounts Being Hosted by Twitter


When I hear the word Pizzagate my stomach turns, I feel nauseous and ill and am immediately drawn back to last December, when after investigating for weeks and being sent pictures of “elites” eating children and having cannibal parties, I fell deathly ill and quite literally almost died. If you are a fellow Pizzagate investigator you know what I am talking about, if you are not and have still managed to be kept away from the truth then imagine if you will a society so cruel and sadistic that it takes the children of the poor and the outcast and the law-abiding and uses them for Satanic entertainment, perverted and deviant sexual pleasure, sadistic blood sport, Luciferian sacrifice to Moloch and even spare parts.
Imagine if you will a society that bombs and kills and slaughters millions for the sake of scoring political points, to steal resources or just for making money! Imagine someone coming and stealing your lands and homes and children for sport and then publically ridiculing, demonizing and blaming the poor defenseless victims of their sadistic blood lust for their own destruction. Hard for civilized and normal humans to imagine such demons and for those of us who researched pizzagate it was even harder to imagine how these horrendous demons “relax” and was thus thoroughly disturbing that raping, murdering, sacrificing and even eating children is what binds these sick and twisted elites together.
It is out of this affront to everything civilized, normal and human that we are fighting to expose these sick and twisted individuals and those who enable them and assist them and even profit off them and their horrendous and unforgiveable sickness. Soon we will expose all of the pedos running wild on Twitter and we demand that they be dealt with and all of the accounts closed. The pedos have grown relaxed and sloppy, they thought we had forgotten and saw that no one was prosecuted, well they are wrong, we are watching and we do not forgive and we do not forget! You should have expected us but now it is too late for you.

NOTE ON RELEASE: I have had my Twitter accounts suspended SEVEN times in the last year. The last time I had 123,000 followers. Twitter gives no explanation nor do they offer remediation plus they delete all of your personal data which is illegal. The reasons they give are always false and as you see above always politically motivated. So while Jack is making his billions selling your data and trying to play social engineering and provide a Color Revolution platform for Intelligence Agencies, he does nothing against pedophiles and sexual deviants of every kind who use Twitter as a vehicle to exploit, rape, sell and even kill their victims. The number of these accounts is stunning so there is no plausible deniability, especially given the recent revelations by Project Veritas and the Sun that they read your messages. This might make the grade in the perverted United States but in countries around the world this kind of content is illegal and a moral outrage, and their practice of politically motivated and arbitrary suspensions and banning, in keeping with the mindset of the Gay Bay San Francisco Liberal Zionists, makes the platform unfit for the international community. We are against the DEATH EATERS and the PEDOS and we demand that the Internet be FREE!!! We also demand that the US Government ceases the practice of using Social Media as an instrument to destabilize countries and start wars.
With Regard to Russia we demand that Twitter stop supporting and banning Russian accounts following the dictates of the Ukrainian junta and the puppet government that the CIA installed and that they stop meddling and targeting Russia and continuing their attempts to fabricate a Russian Hacker scenario to serve as a purpose for war and an explanation for the loss of mass-murdering Clinton and her pedophile circle.
I want to finally thank all of the dozens of Anons and everyone who helped put these lists together. We were all shocked by the vast number.

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WADA and the IOC are now under the control of US Intelligence Agencies and being used to target Russia and seize Russian Assets. Internal e-mails and documents prove this.

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Made Stateless by US Government in MOSCOW, RUSSIA for trying to get to the truth

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