Tuesday, July 11, 2017

Twitter Bans Me Again When Trying to Raise Funds

On Twitter's Latest Ban
The latest Twitter ban is just another attempt by the United States and the NWO to silence me and I am certain just the continuation of the efforts to make sure that I have no voice, no income and simply die. The US and their agents in Russia have been continuously attempting to starve me out and damage me here in Russia since 2009 actively and before then as well, most notably in 2007.

I am very well aware of what they are doing and the Russian Government is aware but I will not let them see me bleed or give them the satisfaction of knowing whether they have damaged me or not. It is a shame that the US Government can continue to covertly attack a person with asylum and there is nothing that the completely useless United Nations will do.

The US saw that I was trying to raise awareness to the situation that my son is in and that I was trying to gather funds for his medicine and for a journey I must make to go see him and just when I started that they banned me.

The US and their agent's punitive measures against a US asylee and most horrendously what they did to my son are egregious and illegal and at minimum would require censure from the United Nations and human rights bodies but nothing will be done because these supposed defenders of Human Rights are  nothing but tools of the US.

The UN is a completely useless and disgusting body really.

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