Friday, November 4, 2016


Dear Andrey Bistritsky,
         Best of the day to you. I have asked you for help many, many times and I guess I was naïve in thinking that things would end well.
I am hoping that somehow you will help me and my family after so many years of working  myself to death day and night for you and being completely loyal to you.
I thought we wanted the same thing, to get to the truth, and I thought you would protect me from the fallout that began but I was wrong.
For all of my work, from 911 to WikiLeaks to Snowden and because of all of my commentary against NATO and the United States and trying to stop the destruction of the Russian World by the West my family and I have paid a huge price! I did not think they would come after my children but they did that too.
Perhaps you just do not know what happened because I cannot believe that you would not care. I have not been able to find a job since the liquidation and now as I am preparing to die but before I go I want to ask you a couple of questions that I hope you will be able to answer.
Like I said I am still paying the price for my journalism and for going against the illegality of the US and the empire that is trying to destroy Russia and my innocent son continues to the pay the price after the people who came after me on orders from the US Embassy destroyed my family and fabricated his arrest.
Please and this is very, very important for me. My life and the life of my innocent family depends on this. Can you please tell me the following:
Who is blacklisting me from getting a job and from anything about us being published?
Why did Sergey Saenko threaten to fabricate a criminal case against me when I was protesting the censorship of my material?
Who is it in the government who waved their hand at my family when we were trying to get citizenship? We are still stuck and that will be forever.
Did you know about the meeting with the baseball bats and who sanctioned or ordered the stealing in that fashion of my personal passwords?
You were in contact with Michael McFaul at least on Facebook and people from the US, what punitive measures or other actions did McFaul (who is CIA) and the US Embassy order or request against me when they failed to have me falsely arrested two times and sent to America?
Who hired the people to work at the VOR from MI6, CIA and SBU?
Berets, Bespalov, Dmitrev, Stolyar and others were all pursuing activities in keeping with a US 5th column and they did everything possible to target me and target my work in every way they could. From deleting likes and comments on my articles from Facebook on multiple occasions to amking threatening phone calls to me at home. Why weren’t they stopped?
Why were people hired from US military intelligence to control editorial policy? Such as McCulloch who was clearly CIA and Roberts?
Who actually ordered the liquidation of the VOR and I know it was not President Putin? If he knew anything he was advised.
As the first American with asylum in Russia why was I not defended or protected?  
Who ordered my poisoning at the offices of Rossiya Sevodnya where I coughed blood for three days?
Why did no one question the deaths of Reshetnikov the day after he hired me, Watts who always defended me, Nikitenko who was my friend and Natalia who died the day I was fired? All of strange sudden illnesses and cancers.
What happened to Krasovsky?
And finally I still have recording and a ton of information that shows that Edward Snowden was sent specially to Moscow and one of his targets was me which coincides with McFaul’s failure and the number of people from military intelligence and US Army Psychological Operations who appeared at the Voice of Russia targeting me telling me to shut up and telling me my citizenship was doomed.
I know you know the answers to these questions and beg you to please inform me. My life and the life of my son depends on it. He is in a Russian prison zone for 5 years on a fabricated narcotics charge and will be deported to the US and then tortured there. My daughters can never leave her flat and hates me for it. My wife divorced me and will not let me see my new daughter (Rossiya Sevodnya) fired me the day she was born and Dmitrev told me on the day they poisoned me: “We can do whatever we want! What are you going to do? Go to the United Nations?” I am preparing to be evicted again because I can not find the 65 000 I owe for rent and in fact I am preparing to die because I can take the humiliation and poverty anymore but I need to know the answers to these questions to help my son. He did nothing wrong!
I will not ask you for money or help but I will ask you to please answer these questions. You are the only one who knows everything and about me and about them. PLEASE!
Respectfully yours,
John Robles
October 03, 2016

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