Friday, October 28, 2016

Emergency Fundraising Drive Continues

Dear Friends,
          Just a few days ago it was out 20th
Anniversary in Russia and I have made a video marking the event and am
continuing my journalistic work and activism on the Internet and on With the calls for World War III
coming more and more from various sides I have drawn up a 52 page document
seeking a return to rule of law and an end to the global war paradigm that has
existed since 911. I have also started making a lot of videos that are getting
positive feedback. Visit the site for those things and many more including the
most comprehensive archive of the Podesta Emails which I have made available
free for download.
It is unfortunately fundraising
time again so I am asking you to please please please donate anything you can
to the site and to help keep us going. Unfortunately I am in a completely
isolated location now and this is our only source of income so please give a
little today. I have a special present for anyone who donates within the next
48 hours. I continue to work for you and work for peace!
We need only 30 people who can
give $8 a month to stay alive and keep the site running which is all I am
trying to do. Please donate to Sber Visa 4276 3800 4543 8756 or Qiwi
79651315479 or Yandex Money on the site
John Robles II
October 27, 2016
Moscow Region, Russia    
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