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MH-17 Shot Down by Ukraine was it a failed assassination attempt on President Vladimir Putin?

Malaysian Flight MH-17 was Shot Down by Ukraine According to Witness  
Report Compiled by John Anthony Robles II
Note: Earlier witness statements about embalmed bodies at the scene, the fact that the Malaysian aircraft was routed directly into the conflict zone and the proximity of President Vladimior Putin's aircraft are not discounted by the leatest revelations. Nor are reports of the BUK missile battery that was missing missiles and is involved in the tragedy. It is possible the aircraft was targetted from two different sources by the CIA and the SBU to ensure that the operation was pulled off and their pretext for war against Russia was established. It is also possible the other SU-26 were shot down by Ukraine in order to silence the piolts who were witnesses. The fact that the shooter repeated "wrong plane" may raise the ante that the actual target was the presidential aircraft of Russian President Vladimir Putin. In that case what we have is failed state sponsored CIA/SBU assassination attempt on the President of the Russian Federation.
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Source: Pravda Ru
A secret witness claims that it was a Ukrainian Su-25 aircraft that downed the Malaysian Boeing, flight MH-17, near Donetsk, in the summer of 2014. The Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper, whose journalists interviewed the unnamed witness, said that on July 17, two Ukrainian military aircraft were shot down in the war zone, and the pilot of the third fighter jet fired an air-to-air missile into the Malaysian Boeing.
Secret Witness to MH-17
The witness
The man claims that on that day of the tragedy, he was staying on the air base in the village of Aviatorskoe, near Dnepropetrovsk. He could see what weapons the departing and returning warplanes were flying with. He could also hear comments from pilots.
According to him, there were two aircraft that were outfitted with air-to-air missiles. Earlier, the ammunition had been decommissioned, although later, in connection with an "urgent order," the resource was extended. "No, he could not mix it up. The missiles differ in size, fin assembly and coloration. It is very easy to identify them. After a while, only one plane returned, two others were shot down somewhere in the east of Ukraine, as I was told. Only one plane returned, on which those missiles had been mounted. The aircraft returned without the missiles. The pilot was very scared," the unnamed witness told the Komsomolskaya Pravda newspaper.
The witness believes that the man, who shot down the passenger plane, was captain Vladislav Voloshin, from the city of Nikolaev. "I know the pilot a little. It is quite possible that when two fighters were shot down in front of his eyes, he could fire the missiles out of freight or revenge. Maybe he took it for some other combat aircraft," the witness said.
The pilot who shot down flight MH-17. Vladislav Voloshin
The pilot who shot down flight MH-17. Vladislav Voloshin
"The phrase that he said when he was taken off the plane was: "The wrong plane." Later in the evening, another pilot asked Voloshin what happened to the plane. He replied: "The plane was in the wrong place at the wrong time."

The man, who allegedly was staying at the air base near Dnepropetrovsk on July 17, said that representatives of the Kiev authorities lied when they said that there were no sorties made the day, when the Malaysian Boeing was shot down above Ukraine. According to him, warplanes would fly operationally every day, including during the truce. He also said that the Ukrainian aviation used volume-detonating and cluster bombs.

The man decided to come to Russia and talk to journalists, because the Security Service of Ukraine and the National Guard intimidated everyone in Ukraine. "People can be beaten for any careless word they say. They can be jailed for any insignificant suspicion of being sympathetic to Russia or the militia," the man said.

Representatives of the Defense Ministry of the People's Republic of Donetsk said that all reasoned and unbiased people believed from the beginning that it was a Ukrainian fight jet that downed the Boeing, RIA Novosti reports.

"The witness, whom the journalists found, only confirmed some details of the event. We hope that the witness will be able to speak at court against those guilty of the tragedy," Donetsk officials added. "Now we know the executor of the crime, and it is very important to bring the perpetrators to justice," they added.

Noteworthy, the valuable witness could receive a reward of 30 million dollars, if he addressed to a private German detective agency that investigates the crash of the Malaysian Boeing. The reward for the information that could shed light on the circumstances of the crash of the Malaysian Boeing, flight MH-17, was announced in September.

The crash of Boeing 777 of Malaysia Airlines, en route from Amsterdam to Kuala Lumpur, took place on July 17 about in the Donbass region of Ukraine at 16:20 local time. Supposedly, the plane was shot down at an altitude of over 9,000 meters. All passengers and crew of the Malaysian Boeing - 298 people - were killed in the crash. The first investigation report prepared by the Security Council of the Netherlands was published in early September. The document did not provide any specific conclusions onto why the passenger jetliner collapsed in the air.

Source: RT 
Russia’s Investigative Committee is to investigate a Russian newspaper report alleging that a Ukrainian military jet shot down Malaysian Airlines passenger plane MH17 over the rebel-held eastern part of the country last summer.

“The Investigative Committee has taken interest in today’s publication in ‘Komsomolskaya Pravda’ newspaper. Naturally, the information they report citing a Ukrainian citizen is of much interest, since it touches upon the committee’s ongoing criminal investigation into the use of banned weapons and warfare tactics [in Ukraine],” said spokesman Vladimir Markin.

“We will get in touch with the newspaper’s editor-in-chief and journalists to establish how genuine this source is and get his contacts for a subsequent interview,” he added.

A witness, who chose to remain anonymous, told Komsomolskaya Pravda (KP) daily that a pilot of a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet was behind the MH17 flight downing on July 17. He claimed that the pilot used air-to-air missiles to shoot down the Malaysian Boeing, which he concludes was probably mistaken for a military plane.

“About an hour before the catastrophe, three fighter jets took off [from Dnepropetrovsk]. One of the planes was an Su-25, which was equipped with these kind of [air-to-air] missiles,” the witness told KP in an interview, adding that he was on the airport grounds at the time.

Once the surviving pilot got out of the plane, he looked “very frightened.”

The Ukrainian pilot’s first words as he got out of the jet were: “Wrong plane,” the alleged witness claimed. Later in the evening that same pilot also reportedly stated: “The plane happened to be in the wrong place at a wrong time.”

While the daily could not immediately verify the interviewee’s claims, its readers soon discovered the allegedly involved pilot – Vladislav Voloshin – is real, and has been awarded for his role in Kiev’s so-called “anti-terrorist operation” in eastern Ukraine.

Back in July, the Russian military said that it detected a Ukrainian Su-25 fighter jet gaining height towards the MH17 Boeing on the day of the catastrophe.

READ MORE: Ukrainian Su-25 fighter detected in close approach to MH17 before crash - Moscow

“A Ukraine Air Force military jet was detected gaining height, its distance from the Malaysian Boeing was 3 to 5km,” said the head of the Main Operations Directorate of the HQ of Russia’s military forces, Lieutenant-General Andrey Kartopolov.

Kartopolov added that the presence of the Ukrainian military jet could be confirmed by video shots made by the Rostov monitoring center.

MH17 flight crashed in eastern Ukraine on July 17. All 298 passengers and crewmembers on board the Boeing 777 were killed. The victims were from 10 nations, while most of the passengers – 193 in total – were from the Netherlands. The second-largest number of casualties, 43, was from Malaysia.
Here is a transcript of the original interview in Russian from the source. Computer translation follows.
Flight Mh-17
21 июля, спустя 4 дня после крушения «Боинга», Министерство обороны России представило миру данные своего радиотехнического контроля за небом над востоком Украины в часы трагедии. И уже тогда было показано, что в момент падения малайзийского лайнера в районе происшествия возник неопознанный гражданскими службами самолет. Судя по тому, что он не отвечал на запросы диспетчеров, это был военный истребитель либо штурмовик. Фото: mil.ru
В «деле малайзийского Боинга» появился «секретный свидетель», чьи показания снимают все обвинения с ополчения и России. И объясняют загадочное поведение западных экспертов [эксклюзив «КП», инфографика, видео, аудио]

Этот человек пришел в редакцию «Комсомолки» сам. Мы проверили его документы - он не актер и не подставное лицо. Реальные данные свидетеля мы пока не можем раскрыть - у нашего собеседника на Украине остались родственники и он боится мести и шантажа. Судя по тому, что нам рассказал Александр (назовем его так), - опасения реальны. Мы приводим стенограмму нашего разговора практически без купюр.


- Где вы находились 17 июля 2014 года, в день, когда был сбит малайзийский «Боинг»?

- Я был на территории Украины, в городе Днепропетровске, поселок Авиаторское. Это обычный аэропорт. Там в это время базировались истребители и вертолеты. Самолеты регулярно летали, бомбили, штурмовики Су-25 бомбили Донецк, Луганск. Это продолжалось длительное время.

- Самолеты летали каждый день?

- Ежедневно.

- Почему вы предположили, что эти самолеты могли иметь отношение к гибели «Боинга»?

- Несколько причин. Из восьми самолетов, которые базировались, только два с ракетами «воздух - воздух». Они были подвешены.

- Зачем? Шли какие-то авиационные сражения в воздухе?

Нет, на самолеты были подвешены ракеты для прикрытия самих себя в воздухе. На всякий случай. В основном были на подвеске боеприпасы для работы по земле. НУРСы, бомбы.

- Расскажите про 17 июля.

- Регулярно летали самолеты. С утра целый день летали. Во второй половине дня, примерно за час до сбития «Боинга», были подняты в воздух три штурмовика. Конкретно время не помню. Из самолетов один был оснащен такими ракетами. Это был Су-25.
В «деле малайзийского Боинга» появился «секретный свидетель» (сидит спиной к экрану)

- Вы лично это видели?

- Да.

- Где у вас точка наблюдения была?

- На территории. Конкретно не скажу.

- Вы имели возможность смотреть конкретно, что подвешивается к пилонам самолета? Вы могли перепутать ракеты «воздух - воздух» и «воздух - земля»?

- Нет, перепутать не мог. Они различаются размерами, оперением, окраской. С головкой наведения. Опознать ее очень легко. В общем, по истечении небольшого времени, вернулся только один самолет, два были сбиты. Где-то на востоке Украины, мне так сказали. Вернулся один самолет, на котором были подвешены эти ракеты.

- Он вернулся уже без ракет?

- Без ракет. Летчик этот был очень напуган.

- Вы знакомы с этим летчиком, видели его?

- Да.

- А можете сказать, как его звали?

- Волошин фамилия.

- Он один в самолете был?

- Да. Самолет рассчитан на одного человека.

- Имя его не знаете?

- Владислав вроде бы. Не скажу точно. Капитан.
Самолет оказался в ненужное время и в ненужном месте
Фото: Виктор ГУСЕЙНОВ

- Капитан Волошин вернулся. Дальше?

- Вернулся с пустым боекомплектом.

- Ракет не было?

- Да.


- Скажите, Александр, самолет вернулся с задания, вы пока не знаете о гибели «Боинга», но вас почему-то удивило отсутствие ракет «воздух - воздух». Почему?

- Эти ракеты «воздух - воздух» не входят в боекомплект основной.

Их подвешивают по отдельной команде. Как правило, самолеты с этими ракетами старались не выпускать в воздух. Потому что эту ракету нельзя часто просто так с собой перемещать в воздухе.

Всего возможны две такие ракеты на этом самолете. Никогда они раньше не применялись. Они были списаны до этого. Но буквально накануне, за неделю до этого случая (гибели «Боинга». - Ред.), использование этих ракет было в срочном порядке продлено. И они поставились опять на вооружение. Они не использовались долгие годы.

- Почему?

- Ресурс вышел у них. Года старые, еще советского производства. Но вот по срочной команде у них ресурс был продлен.
Малайзийский «Боинг» сбил украинский летчик
Фото: Виктор ГУСЕЙНОВ

- И в этот день их повесили на самолет?

- Они все время стояли с этими ракетами.

- Но не летали?

- Старались поменьше их в воздух пускать - каждый полет снижает ресурс. Но в этот день самолет полетел.

- И вернулся он без них?

- Да. Зная немножко этого летчика... (вполне возможно, когда сбили два этих самолета у него на глазах), у него была просто испуганная реакция, неадекватная. Мог от испуга или в целях мести запустить ракеты в «Боинг». Может, он принял его за какой-то иной боевой самолет.

- Эти ракеты с самонаводящимися головками?

- Да.

- Когда он их нажал, они стали искать цель?

- Нет. Летчик сам фиксирует цель. Потом запускает ракету, и она уже летит на цель.

- Эти ракеты летчик мог применить по наземным целям?

- Это бессмысленно.

- Что вам еще запомнилось в этот день? Что говорил летчик?

- Фраза была им сказана, когда его из самолета вывели: «Самолет не тот». И вечерняя фраза была, вопрос одного летчика к нему, к этому же, к Волошину: «Что там с самолетом?» На что тот ответил: «Самолет оказался в ненужное время и в ненужном месте».


- Этот летчик давно там служил? Сколько ему лет?

- Волошину около 30 лет. Его часть базируется в Николаеве. Их в Днепропетровск командировали. Накануне была у них командировка в Чугуев под Харьковом. И все это время они бомбили Донецк и Луганск. И, по информации одного из служащих николаевской части, они до сих пор продолжают это делать.
Украина заявляла, что в день катастрофы у них не было боевых вылетов
Фото: Виктор ГУСЕЙНОВ

- У летчиков был хороший боевой опыт?

- Те, которые находились там, они со стажем были. Николаевская часть была даже один год, по-моему, 2013-й, самой лучшей частью в Украине.

- История с «Боингом» среди летчиков как-то обсуждалась?

- Все попытки обсуждать сразу же пресекались. Да и летчики больше между собой общались, они такие... гордые.

- После того, как все узнали про этот «Боинг», что стало с этим летчиком, с капитаном Волошиным?

- После всего этого продолжались вылеты. И все время летчики не менялись. Одни и те же лица были.


- Давайте попробуем смоделировать события. Как они могли развиваться? Вылетели на боевое задание три самолета. Они оказались примерно в той зоне, в которой находился «Боинг». Два самолета сбили. Этот капитан Волошин занервничал, испугался, и, возможно, он принял «Боинг» за боевой самолет?

- Возможно. Расстояние большое, он мог просто не увидеть конкретно, что это за самолет.

- С какого расстояния эти ракеты пускаются?

- За 3 - 5 километров они могут цель фиксировать.

- А разница скоростей какая у боевого самолета и «Боинга»?

- Без разницы: у ракеты довольно-таки хорошая скорость. Очень быстрая ракета.

- Догонит в любом случае? А высота?

- Он может вполне на своем максимальном подъеме - на 7 тысячах метров - вполне спокойно зафиксировать цель.

- Достать ее вверх?

- Да. Самолет может просто поднять нос вверх, и проблем никаких не составляет это зафиксировать и пустить ракету. Дальность полета этой ракеты - больше 10 километров.
Власти Украины используют фальшивки, чтобы свалить вину за крушение малайзийского «Боинга» на ополченцев
Фото: Виктор ГУСЕЙНОВ

- Эта ракета на каком расстоянии от цели взрывается? В корпус может попасть и взорваться?

- В зависимости от модификации. Буквально может в корпус и на расстоянии 500 метров может.

- Мы работали на месте катастрофы и заметили, что осколки попали в корпус самолета очень кучно. Такое ощущение, что взорвалось буквально в двух метрах от «Боинга».

- Есть и такая ракета. Принцип дроби - она разрывается, дробь идет. А потом ударяет основная боевая часть ракеты.

- Украина заявляла, что в этот день у них не было боевых вылетов. Мы проверяли разные сводные источники по сбитым самолетам, Украина везде отрицает, что ее военные самолеты в этот день летали.

- Я знаю про это. Украина также заявила, что два этих самолета были сбиты 16-го числа, а не 17-го. И неоднократно даты менялись. Но на самом деле вылеты были ежедневно. Я видел это сам. Даже в перемирие вылеты были, правда, реже.


- Какое вооружение было на самолетах с вашего аэродрома? Применялись ли фосфорные бомбы, зажигательные смеси? На земле украинская артиллерия применяла их очень активно.

- Фосфорных я не наблюдал. Но применялись объемно-детонирующие бомбы.

- Они запрещены?

- Да. Бомба была предназначена для Афганистана. Ее запретили и до последнего не применяли. Она запрещена какой-то конвенцией, не помню, не скажу. Эта бомба - негуманная, сжигает все. Абсолютно все выжигает.

- Они их навешивали и применяли во время боевых действий?

- Да. И были также запрещенные кассетные бомбы. Авиационная бомбовая кассета - в зависимости от размера может поразить цель очень масштабную. Стадион - одна бомба накрывает. Причем полностью, всю площадь абсолютно, два гектара.

- Почему они шли на применение такого оружия?

- Они все выполняли приказ. А чей приказ - непонятно.

- Смысл такого оружия - запугивание?

- Максимальное уничтожение живой силы.


- Почему вы уехали в Россию, почему решились рассказать? Почему, наконец, про это никто не узнал раньше? Вы же не единственный свидетель!

- Все запуганы СБУ (служба безопасности Украины. - Ред.) и нацгвардией. Людей могут избить за любое неосторожное слово, посадить по любому ничтожному подозрению в симпатиях к России или к ополченцам. А я был изначально против этой «антитеррористической операции». Не согласен с политикой украинского государства. Гражданская война - это неправильно. Убивать своих же людей - ненормально. И какое-то участие там принимать или нет, но находиться на стороне Украины и быть к этому частично причастным, я не согласен изначально!
Below is a raw computer Translation of the above interview... If there is traffic I will go through it and clean it up.
In "reality Malaysian Boeing" appeared "secret witness" whose testimony remove all charges against militia and Russian. And explain the puzzling behavior of Western experts [exclusive "KP", infographics, video, audio]

This man came to the editorial office of "Komsomolskaya Pravda" himself. We checked his papers - he is not an actor and not a figurehead. Witness the actual data we can not yet reveal - our interlocutor in Ukraine have relatives and he is afraid of revenge and blackmail. Judging by the fact that we told Alexander (let's call it so), - fears are real. We present a transcript of our conversation, almost without cuts.

Stormtroopers returned without ROCKETS

- Where were you July 17, 2014, the day when he was hit by a Malaysian "Boeing"?

- I was on the territory of Ukraine in Dnepropetrovsk, village aviator. This is a normal airport. There is a time based fighters and helicopters. Planes regularly flew bombing, Su-25 bombed Donetsk, Lugansk. This went on for a long time.

- Planes fly every day?

- Every day.

- Why do you suggest that these planes could be related to the death of "Boeing"?

- Several reasons. Of the eight planes that were based, only two missile "air - air". They were suspended.

- Why? They got some air battles in the air?

No, the aircraft were suspended missiles to cover themselves in the air. Just in case. Basically were on suspension ammunition for work on the ground. Nursi bomb.

- Tell us about July 17th.

- Regular flights. On the morning of a summer day. In the afternoon, about an hour before the shooting down of "Boeing", were raised in the air three stormtrooper. Specifically, while I do not remember. One of the aircraft was equipped with such missiles. It was the Su-25.
In "reality Malaysian Boeing" appeared "secret witness" (sitting with his back to the screen)

- Do you personally see that?

- Yes I Am.

- Where have you been the observation point?

- On the territory. Not specifically say.

- You had an opportunity to look specifically that hung to the pylon of the aircraft? You might confuse missiles "air - air" and "air - ground"?

- No, it could not be confused. They vary in size, plumage coloration. With head pointing. It is very easy to identify. In general, after a short time, returned only one plane, two were shot down. Somewhere in the east of Ukraine, so I'm told. Returned one plane on which were hung these missiles.

- He came back without the missiles?

- No missiles. This pilot was very scared.

- Are you familiar with this pilot, saw him?

- Yes I Am.

- Can you say his name?

- Voloshin name.

- He was one on the plane?

- Yes I Am. The aircraft is designed for one person.

- His name does not know?

- Vladislav like. I will not say for sure. Captain.
The plane was at the wrong time and the wrong place
Photo: Victor HUSEYNOV

- Captain Voloshin returned. Next?

- Returned with an empty ammunition.

- Rockets were not?

- Yes I Am.


- Tell me, Alexander, the plane returned to the job, you still do not know about the death of "Boeing", but you somehow surprised by the absence of rockets "air - air". How Come?

- These missiles "air - air" are not included in the main ammunition.

They hung on a separate command. As a rule, these aircraft missiles tried not to let in air. Because this missile can not often just with a move in the air.

All possible two such missiles on this plane. They have never before been used. They were written off before. But on the eve of a week before this event (the death of "Boeing." - Ed.), The use of these missiles was urgently extended. And they put back into service. They have not been used for many years.

- How Come?

- Resource emerged from them. Years old, Soviet era. But on emergency team have the resource has been extended.
Malaysian "Boeing" Ukrainian pilot shot down
Photo: Victor HUSEYNOV

- And on this day they were hanged on the plane?

- They were all the time with these missiles.

- But do not fly?

- Try less to let them into the air - every flight reduces resource. But on this day the airplane flew.

- And he returned without them?

- Yes I Am. Knowing a little bit of this pilot ... (it is quite possible when the two aircraft shot down in front of him), he was simply frightened reaction, inadequate. Could fright or for revenge launch missiles in "Boeing". Maybe he took it for some other combat aircraft.

- These missiles with homing heads?

- Yes I Am.

- When he pressed them, they began to look for a goal?

- No. The pilot himself fixes goal. Then launches a missile, and it is already flying on the target.

- These missiles pilot could use against ground targets?

- This is pointless.

- What else do you remember that day? What did the pilot?

- The phrase was to tell them when it was taken off the plane: "The plane is not one." And the evening was the phrase, question one pilot to him to do the same, to Voloshin: "What happened to the plane?" To which he replied: "The plane was at the wrong time and the wrong place."

"And after the tragedy continues DEPARTURES"

- This pilot has long served there? How old is he?

- Voloshin about 30 years. Part of it is based in Nikolaev. Them in Dnepropetrovsk was sent. On the eve of their trip was to Chuguev near Kharkov. And all this time they bombed Donetsk and Lugansk. And, according to one of the employees of Nicholas's part, they still continue to do it.
Ukraine stated that on the day of the disaster they had no sorties
Photo: Victor HUSEYNOV

- Pilots was a good combat experience?

- Those who were there, they were experienced. Nicholas was even part of one year, in my opinion, the 2013th, the best part of Ukraine.

- The story of the "Boeing" among pilots once discussed?

- All attempts to discuss immediately suppressed. Yes, and more pilots communicate with each other, they are ... proud.

- After all learned about this "Boeing" what happened to this pilot, the captain Voloshin?

- After all this continued departures. And all the while the pilots were not changed. The same faces were.

"Flight was not ... but pulled"

- Let's try to simulate events. How could they develop? Flew on a combat mission three aircraft. They were about the zone in which there was a "Boeing". Two aircraft shot down. This Captain Voloshin nervous, scared, and perhaps he took "Boeing" for combat aircraft?

- Maybe. Great distance, he could just do not see exactly what kind of plane.

- At what distance the missiles they go?

- For 3 - 5 kilometers, they can aim to capture.

- And what a difference between the speed of combat aircraft and "Boeing"?

- No matter: the rocket pretty good speed. Very fast missile.

- Overhaul him anyway? A height?

- He may well be at its maximum rise - 7 thousand meters - quite easy to fix target.

- Get it up?

- Yes I Am. The aircraft can simply lift up the nose, and no problems of this fix and to put missile. The flight range of the missile - more than 10 kilometers.
Ukrainian authorities used forgeries to blame for the collapse of the Malaysian "Boeing" on the militia
Photo: Victor HUSEYNOV

- This rocket at some distance from the target explodes? The chassis can get and explode?

- Depending on the modification. Could literally into the body and a distance of 500 meters can.

- We have been working at the crash site and noticed that the pieces get into the body of the aircraft is very heap. A feeling that exploded just two meters away from the "Boeing".

- There is such a missile. Principle shot - she is broken, the fraction is. And then hit the main warhead missiles.

- Ukraine stated that on that day they had no sorties. We checked various sources on the summary of downed aircraft, Ukraine everywhere denies that its warplanes flew that day.

- I know about it. Ukraine also said that the two aircraft were shot down by the 16th day of, and not the 17th. And repeatedly changed the date. But in fact, were departures daily. I saw it myself. Even in a truce departures were, however, less common.


- What weapons were on the aircraft from your airport? Have the phosphorous bombs, incendiary mixtures? Ukrainian artillery on the ground to use them actively.

- Phosphoric I have not seen. But used the volume-detonating bombs.

- They banned?

- Yes I Am. The bomb was designed to Afghanistan. It was banned and until recently did not apply. It is forbidden any convention, I do not remember to say. This bomb - inhumane, burns all. Everything burns.

- They were weighed and used them during the fighting?

- Yes I Am. And there were also banned cluster bombs. Aviation cluster bomb - depending on the size can hit a target very ambitious. Stadium - one bomb covers. And completely, the entire area completely, two hectares.

- Why are they going to use these weapons?

- They're following orders. Whose orders - is unclear.

- The meaning of such weapons - bullying?

- Maximum destruction of manpower.

Can be beaten FOR ANY careless word

- Why do you have left for Russia, decided to tell why? Why, finally, about that no one knew before? You're not the only witness!

- All intimidated by the SBU (Security Service of Ukraine. - Ed.), And the National Guard. People can be beaten for every careless word, put on any insignificant suspicion of being sympathetic to Russia or to the militia. I was originally against the "anti-terrorist operation." I do not agree with the policy of the Ukrainian state. The Civil War - it is wrong. Kill their own people - not normal. And some take part there or not, but to be on the side of Ukraine and to be involved in this part, I do not agree initially!
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