Friday, August 22, 2014


The truth of the matter is that the United States of America (an illegitimate country based on genocide, whose innovations, military and media were all developed to amazing levels to maintain an illegitimate genocidal racist state bent on complete and total world domination) has terrorized and destroyed the world and cowed the world's media into quiet submission. There is no longer any independent media. Not even in Russia. Its own cancerous garbage culture and delusional society, terrorized into control by a militarized police state and its own mass psychosis and false belief in its own exceptionalism, has spread like a cancer throughout the world. The secret wing of the racist military state, the CIA, tasked with ensuring what they cleverly call "Full Spectrum Dominance", has funded, backed, orchestrated, provoked and carried out illegal war after illegal war, destabilized country after country and has created more terrorist, nazi and other violent groups than can even be listed. By its own records the CIA has revealed the illegal ends it will go to in order to meet its goals. From 9-11 to Malaysian flight MH-17 to Edward Snowden and Hugo Chavez, the US "complex" has made a mockery of you and I and the entire planet. I have been silenced but this truth is already evident to the world. There must be an armed uprising in the United States of America and the racist military industrial state that is the envy of the nazis must be destroyed before the entire planet is devastated further. That is the truth. So be it. IT IS TIME TO RISE UP. TO STOP TYRANNY and bring all of those waging war and genocide to justice, be they Saudis, Israelis, Americans or Ukrainian nazis. That is the truth. You will not hear that anywhere, even the entire Russian media has been terrorized into submitting to the US line as it is quietly destroyed from within.
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