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The Downing of Malaysian Flight MH17: a Black Operation Carried out by CIA/SBU?  by John Anthony Robles II
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Letter from the author
Dear Reader,
If you have found this I thank you for making the effort to seek me out and I apologize if my articles have left some of you without a dose of the truth. I did not used to write too much about myself but I think it is necessary as there have been huge changes going on and I have almost been completely silenced. Not only did I recently learn that I was placed on a Right Sector/Ukrainian SBU hit list but shortly thereafter I found out that my work will no longer be placed on the platform of the new news agency Rossiya Sevodnya.
My last piece that was published involved blowing the cover of another CIA front company, this time an MI-6 toy called Vista Jet. During the past year I have exposed two airlines which were front companies for the CIA, those were Evergreen Air and Premier Executives.
Something you will never hear is that due to a witness I interviewed in the case of Roman Seleznev, the court was forced to at least make the appearance that it was conducting a fair and impartial process, although the result that he will be sent to Seattle Washington has already been decided and the hearing forced by the witness just bought some more time.
With that investigation and the backlash that came from it I believe I was silenced before I could even write one article on the crash of Malaysian Flight MH17, or the heightening of the plans for war with Russia that the United States is pushing for. To be honest the fact that I was silenced for defending another Russian citizen kidnapped by the United States by Russians who I thought are supposed to be promoting and defending Russia was quite a shock and one that I have not gotten completely over as of yet.
I am down but not out.
With Peace,
Conspiracy for War
The US/CIA/EU/NATO/, their usual black operations allies and all of their Ukrainian Nazis, SBU double agents and other paid operatives are doing everything they can to start a war with the Russian Federation. For those who want to dismiss this fact and all of the events in Ukraine as a conspiracy “theory” it should be made crystal clear. This is not a conspiracy “theory” but a clear and orchestrated in-your-face conspiracy. There is enough factual evidence in the public domain to make this fact crystal clear to anyone who bothers to look.
Reasons for Pulling Russia into a War
I detailed the reasons the US wants to pull Russia into a state of war in an earlier piece but first and foremost to put an end to Russia as a geopolitical competitor on the world stage. The other reasons are many and obvious and are all designed to bring about the destabilization of Russia, cause divisions within the country and within society itself, bring about instability to the regions around the Russian Federation and finally cause the complete destruction of the Russian Federation as a viable state.
Other than the overall goal of destroying a geopolitical rival, other reasons for destroying Russia include: attaining unlimited access to Russia’s vast resources, elimination of threat to the viability and supremacy of the dollar, destruction of the Russian Orthodox Church as a competitor to the Roman Catholic Church, elimination of the only country exposing American illegality on the world stage, revenge for: Snowden, the Olympics, Syria, President Putin’s independence and a whole series of other events and finally the destruction of all things Russian including culture, people and everything else not fitting into the US global hegemonic model of world domination that the West is trying to force onto all of the countries of the world.  

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