Thursday, December 14, 2006


The Hypocrisy is Deafening
When The Racists Claim They Are Being Discriminated Against

Since the Reagan era there has been a trend in the U.S. to do away with the gains of the Civil Rights Era. Stealthily and systematically the gains made by the non-white segment of the US population have been done away with, diluted, or annulled. This has been one of the hidden core agendas of the GOP and the neo-conservatives since day one and is not an aberration limited only to internal US policy but also to international policy as well. To list examples would take weeks or months or even years. However that is not really necessary at this juncture because all one has to do is look around with an unjaundiced eye and pay the slightest bit of attention to see countless sordid examples of racism at work in every single aspect of American life.From the earliest age when social contacts are first made American children are taught that we are all different. Were this to be done in such a way as to equally respect the differences it would be something commendable and worth striving for. Unfortunately this is not the case. From the television sets to the playground children are conditioned and systematically brainwashed to believe that the white race is the better race and that all other races are not quite as good.Children are institutionally taught by schools, the media, and society to be ashamed of their color, to be ashamed of their culture, their religion, and their origins if they do not fit into the white Anglo-Saxon Christian ideal. They are taught that in order to be acceptable human beings, in order to succeed in life, they must be as white as possible. From being taught to tuck in their fuller lips, to being ostracized for having broader noses or slanted eyes or red, brown, yellow, or almond skin, or afros, or curly hair. Society, white society, teaches non-white children that something is wrong with them. Then there are the Religious stigmas, and those related to national origin, be you Jewish, Russian, Muslim, Hindu, or anything other than the Anglo-Saxon ideal. The list goes on and on.These conditions spawn aberrations like Michael Jackson, who for me epitomizes what American racism does. Schools teach children that the ideal person must be tall, long-legged, blue-eyed, and white and fit the proportions hauntingly akin to the parameters set out by the (n)azis in determining who was allowed to live.I have talked so far only about education and early examples but as we grow up things only get worse. From the institutionalized police brutally and racial profiling, to the glass ceilings which exist in every corporation, to the very halls of government where our rights are to be decided there is injustice and imbalance.What we are left with is what can only be described as the systematic institutionalized support and propagation of a “master” race. This week it is painfully evident once again as the checks and balances that were put in place in two different places in the U.S. to ensure that attempts were being made at providing children with a level playing field are about to be repealed on the pretense that laws and rules made to protect non-whites from discrimination somehow infringes on the rights of whites and discriminates against them by not allowing them the right to do what they want, which in effect, is to segregate schools and discriminate against the non-white segments of the population. I do not use the term minority for the sole purpose that non-whites are not the minority in most of the U.S..When you have a race that has taken a country by killing most of the inhabitants of it, delegating the rest to reservations, and built it up on the backs of slaves and non-white labor, which controls all of the branches of government, the engines of industry and finance, the police, the media, the armed forces, and the judiciary, it seems utterly disgusting and morally reprehensible that they should be allowed to have us believe that somehow a little rule that might bring about the semblance of equality infringes on their rights.We must be vigilant. Things are not as they would have us believe.John Anthony Robles II 12-06-2006 Moscow, Russia

Made Stateless by US Government in MOSCOW, RUSSIA for trying to get to the truth

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