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The Assassination of Alexander Zaharchenko

The Assassination of the Leader of the Donetsk People's Republic
August 31, 2018
UPDATE 23:30 Several suspects have been detained and have confessed that they
were working for Kiev.
23:19 Kadirov promised Donbass any support and any help they need.
23:10: According to War Correspondent Semyon Pegov at the scene, five people were killed in
the blast and we have just received inofrmation that Alexander Urovich Timofeev
(Tashkent) died at the hospital on the operating table.
Accroding to Interfax 11 people died in the assassination.
The bomb was already inside the cafe.
The leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic has been assassinated in what the Russian Investigative Committee is officially classifying as an act of international terrorism.

To once again clarify for the Western reader, Zaharchenko was the leader of the Donetsk People’s Republic and Western headlines calling him the “Pro-Russian” or “ Separatist” leader are complete fabrications and in this writer’s opinion criminally libelous. The United States installed brutal ignorant nazi thugs in power in the Ukraine, with the stated and proven intention of “cleansing” Ukraine of the Russian speaking population and those the nazis consider to be Russians, although genetically Ukrainians and Russians are one people.

These fascist forces have slaughtered over 11,000 of their own countrymen, women and children, and in the fratricidal civil war where the Ukrainian Army is killing civilians in order to clear territory for the West the Donetsk Forces are the last hope and the only defense of the civilian population. Zaharchenko was a brave and courageous leader loved by the people and will be sorely missed and always remembered for his humility, his quite politeness, his heroic deeds and his historic bravery.

Svetlana Petrenko from the Russian Investigative Committee stated that the criminal case has been opened under Part 3, Article 361 of the Russian Criminal Code (An Act of International Terrorism Resulting in the Loss of Life) and that Article 361 was brought in under the Anti-Terrorism “Yarova Package” bill that was passed after the start of the Ukraine Crisis and increases the penalties for acts of terrorism and crimes related to the carrying out of terrorist acts and brings Russian law into line with international standards and norms with regard to terrorism. Petrenko also said that this act was also directed at Russia due to the fact that it falls within the sphere of Russia’s actions in fighting terrorism.

Just for the JAR2 readers I might add that it was the Yarova Package that caused a huge reaction from Edward Snowden when on the day of its passing he said it was a “Black Day for Russia” and bashed President Putin. Being as the Yarova Package is an anti-terrorism legal framework, it seemed odd at the time but now know that it is the CIA behind 89% of the world’s terrorism, Russia having sharp tools to cut out the cancer of terrorism, would of course be something the CIA would not like as neither would their agent.

Petrenko said that the Russian Investigative Committee will actively assist the Law Enforcement Authorities of the DNR with their investigation.

Alexander Zaharchenk was killed in an orchestrated explosion at a café called Separ in the center of Donetsk after having appeared on local and Russian Television earlier in the day and announcing three days of mourning for the popular Russian and Soviet singer Joseph Kabzon who died yesterday.

According to preliminary reports Zaharchenko was the only fatality but the head of the Finance Ministry of the DNR Alexander Tomofeyev was also injured as well as an as yet unidentified young lady.

All entrances and exits into Doetsk have been closed and all traffic in and out of the city has been stopped, with and Emergency Situation Announced and armored vehicles and military hardware patrolling the streets.

Reports say that there have already been several Ukrainian Provocateurs and “Diversionary Forces” arrested as well as those who aided in the attack. Investigators have also stated that Zaharchenko’s own body guards are suspected of having played a role in the terrorist act.

Zaharchenko was not just a military commander he was the head of the Donetsk People’s Republic, its President, so this should be classified in the media for what it was, the assassination of a head of state.

Many politicians including the Chairman of the Russian State Duma are saying this act cancels cancels out the Minsk Agreements, as it is clear that it is the Kiev Regime that is behind the assassination. In this regard Maria Zaharova, the spokes-person for the Russian Foreign Ministry, issued a statement saying that the Ministry was certain that it was the Kiev Regime that stood behind this act.

In related news military operations are under ways and all forces have been activated in the Lugansk People’s Republic with all forces on high alert.

President Putin sent his deepest sympathies in regard to the tragedy stating: "Alexander Vladimirovich was a true people's leader, a brave and resolute person, a patriot of the Donbass, in a difficult time for his native land, he rose up in its defense, took on a huge personal responsibility and led his people.

The vile murder of Alexander Zakharchenko is more evidence that : those who chose the path of terror, violence and intimidation, do not want to seek a peaceful, political solution to the conflict and do not want to conduct a real dialogue with the inhabitants of the Southeast. They have made a dangerous bet on destabilizing the situation in order to bring the Donbass people to their knees. This will not happen.

I am certain that the organizers and perpetrators of this crime will receive the punishment they deserve.

I would like to once again express my condolences to the families and friends of Alexander Zakharchenko, and all the residents of the Donbass. Russia will always be with you."

Dennis Pushilin has stated that the DNR must get revenge for the assassination of Zaharchenko and there are many others calling for swift and decisive actions to be taken against the perpetrators in Kiev.

There will most likely be a very serious escalation to the conflict and I would like to finish by underlining a couple of very interesting and serious points that has been overlooked and not stated regarding the Russian Investigative Committee’s classification of this as an International Terrorist Act that directly effects Russia. One is that in calling it international, it in recognizes that the DNR and Kiev are separate entities. It also points to the fact that the Investigative Committee most likely has evidence of CIA, MI6 or other foreign hands who fingerprints are all over this assassination. The wording of the official statement “that this falls within Russia’s sphere in its fight against terrorism” leaves a very wide and open legal reason for Russia to finally fully enter the conflict and put an end to the orgy of death and theft that the nazi junta in Kiev have been having for the almost five years.

I will be adding much more to this report as the situation developes and as the fact start to come in.

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