Friday, December 11, 2020

The End is Near: Causality and the Destruction of Timelines

Erasure of JAR2: a TI Running a TS in a TC

The world has moved on. Freedom of speech, expression and movement across most of the planet are gone. Workers’ rights and the workers’ struggle have been obliterated. The global media and journalism have been turned into some psychotic aberration of an Orwellian nightmare run by cowardly retarded sycophants who cowardly parrot whatever they are told to. Original thought, innovation and in fact every evolutionary trait that made the human race a noble endeavor have been stymied, suppressed and wiped out so that only the interests of a few lunatics who call themselves “elites” are served. Censorship and fakery, assassination and destruction of anyone who dissents is now the norm. A psychotic military block called NATO has now taken over the world, while creating straw men enemies and demonizing entire countries and populations as they continue endless war crimes and genocide in a scenario akin to a twisted imitation of Dr. Strangelove. Truth is now a lie, freedom is now slavery and there is no way one person or group can stand up without being instantly Twittered off the face of the Earth by Hasbara lunatics and AI.

Under these conditions it is only out of a deep sense of responsibility to my readers and to the truth that I have decided to write another article. I am sadly and tragically no longer a holder of the belief that by exposing and outing evil something can be done to stop it. Evil is not something that can be reasoned with. Evil is not something that can be shamed or exposed into acquiescence. Evil can only be obliterated with the sword of good and with extreme merciless prejudice but there is no human will to conquer this new mutated evil. All of the investigations and revelations about 911 and the ensuing endless war crimes, crimes against humanity and open enslavement and genocide of humanity have done nothing to bring an end to the relentless rampage of the globalist scum taking over the world like a sick and unstoppable cancer. My warnings and the warning of others have been ignored, covered up, obfuscated, buried and silenced as it has grown absolutely clear that there is absolutely no rule of law and now their Scamdemic continues around the world as rights are being taken away and the masses are cannibalized by the elites of what little they have left as the billionaire class grows even richer and more powerful.

Here in Mother Russia things are a little different but not much. Under the Illuminati planned stage of self-exposure the head of Sberbank Gref attempted to rally the Russian rich into openly dumbing down the masses so that they could be controlled more easily. Sberbank is now majority owned by the Russian State and the Russian people, yet Russia has been forced to cope with the Biological warfare attack of the Coronavirus and also imposed Draconian measures for a short time with month’s long lockdowns and the shuttering of “unnecessary” businesses, jobs and establishments. The people, the weak, small businesses and the most vulnerable have paid the largest price and society has been divided with social distancing, masks and the ominous threat of death at the hands of an unseen enemy that no one understands or sees. And now the vaccinations will begin while reports are coming in that they cause sterilization in women and thus the same form of genocide is being unleashed in Russia as was unleashed on my people and the peoples of Turtle Island, but the enemies of Russia control the media and the narrative and the people are not even aware that they are being targeted for elimination in the long-planned genocide of the Russian World.      

For those of you who are still with me after all of the censorship, erasure, lifetime bans and the marginalization/demonization campaign that has been ongoing against myself and JAR2 since the arrival of Michael McFaul in Russia in 2012 and earlier, I want you to know that I am still here and because of their relentless ongoing campaign, am now more than ever, convinced of the righteousness of my fight and am in fact invigorated by their continued transparent attacks which to my trained eye only expose the actors behind the scenes who are now openly using their Snowden asset against me in the exact same manner that the Hawkins operation was shadowing me and transferring my achievements and real-time persecution onto their controlled Avatar.

They think I have been terrified and cowed into silence when in fact I have nothing more to lose and nothing to fear and in my cold and calculating rage I have quietly sat on the sidelines while they took all of the rope being given to them and hung  themselves in front of the eyes of the world. Unfortunately that world is blind and very few even noticed anything out of the ordinary.

91101 to Neo-Fascism in 2020: The Global MOCKINGBIRD Now a New World Power

While you were being distracted by endless drivel and endless terror of imminent destruction, the genocide of Arabs and brown peoples and the destruction of their countries which the US/NATO/Zionists called the War on Terror, the CIA, MI6, MOSSAD, Anders Fogh Rasmussen, Michael Hayden, John Jones, the Clinton Crime Cabal, the Rothschilds and all of their associated global media and internet billionaires and partners began producing fake news in order to start a new WAR, the global War on TRUTH, and thus cement their complete and total takeover of the global media and the Internet and the populace.

With all but a few pockets of resistance all Journalism is dead worldwide with investigative journalism long dead and buried being replaced by a corporate Globalist CIA/NATO/ZIONIST/MOCKINGBIRD echo chamber that regurgitates the same lies and fallacies 24 hours a day 7 days a week and has no interest in truth or even credibility. The people have allowed the Global MOCKINGBIRD to rise and it has now become a new world power rewriting history, recreating reality and twisting what little truth there was into unrecognizable fabricated sound bites that no one believes anyway.

Americans who ignorantly allowed BBG propaganda to be aired into the United States have finally gotten a taste of the medicine that they have been forcing onto the world for decades-on-end and don’t be fooled by lightning rod Trump, his function will be like that of Assange, to show the world that one can beat the New World Order 911 sociopathic lunatics. I warned the world thousands of times about the imminent danger of the Cabal and their Color Revolution “Technology” and only a very few listened and even fewer did anything to stop it! You thought it did not concern you so you ignored it. Just like you have ignored my plight and my eventually demise, and now it has come home to Americans to roost on their chamber doors and dictate to them that an entrenched corrupt international criminal pedophile father of a crack addict is their president. Just like they tried to tell Russians Navalny is their president, or that Gauido is a president or that Macron is a president as they try to force in their New World Order and carry out the genocide of 8 billion of us.         

What the past US election has shown and what we are witnessing is the logical progression of a criminal conspiracy to take over the world by a Cabal of Zionist/Globalist lunatics who carried out 911 and have been able since then to advance their agenda with complete impunity as their 911 Crime Against Humanity was never investigated properly or prosecuted. The world community (if there is such a thing) dropped the ball on the War Crimes, Crimes Against Humanity, Aggressive Wars and the ongoing Genocides of the New World Order Satanic Cabal and now they have unleashed their genetically targetting Biological Weapons on all of you and want to take every last thing you have and because of your silent collusion there is NO ONE TO QUESTION because you have allowed all of us who do question to be destroyed.

The Globalist/CIA/MOSSAD/911 perps and the CIA super computer they used in Germany were outed and apparently seized, yet as usual we see no arrests and despite some attempts at an appearance of rule of law in the USA it is unlikely anything will change. Especially given the fact that the US President is merely a puppet for the billionaire class and Israel and if he really goes against the CIA/Globalist filth he will be disposed of just like Kennedy was. Trump is not Kennedy, he is a con-man, a failed business man and has been indebted to the Rothschilds since 1992, so to believe he will take out the Globalists is the same as believing in Obama’s unicorns.    

The Global CIA/NATO/ZIO MOCKINGBIRD has now successfully almost achieved complete control of the global media narrative worldwide and an almost complete and total takeover of the Internet with only small pockets of truth and resistance to be found. We now exist under a CIA/MOCKINGBIRD Google censored psychological operation where they create false realities such as erasing Palestine and they get away with it. They get away with anything they do because they are not held responsible or to account. You gave them a blank check and now they will kill you with it. 

For those of us who know better and are awake watching the HASBARA/TALPIOT sociopaths channeling Goebbels as they target the most ignorant person in the room is like watching a theater of the absurd run by retards who truly believe that somehow they are clever and the drooling brain dead audience of zombies represent the attainment of a justification for their own sad and useless existences as they prance around as the “chosen” before zombies who are not even mildly aware of the show being carried out in front of them.    

These HASBARA fools believe they will make you forget about 911, the genocide state of Israel and the Deep State of the entrenched MOSSAD controlled US MIIC as they throw around words like Communism and Socialism as it is revived as the new existential threat to your lives and freedoms that you lost long ago. The drooling fools on the media stage are saying bomb China because the CIA/Globalist/Clinton Democratic Crime Cabal attempted to steal the US election. Just like they said Russia tampered with the previous fake election show when they assassinated Seth Rich for exposing the DNC machine. Yes unbelievably even a museum of Communist Crimes is being opened in Amerukha while the Crimes Against Humanity and the Genocide in Palestine and Worldwide by the USA, Israel and the Crown Corporation are being obfuscated and ignored.

The endless LULZ to be had by watching the show of the psychotic elites are only matched and surpassed by the depth of their depravity, the heinousness of their crimes and their true belief that we actually believe them. I monitor about 150 different news sources and only about 4 or 5 are worth even following. The rest are truly a theater of the absurd. Now in 2020, having convinced the world of a Pandemic the globalist Zionist media circus which covered up 911, obfuscated the endless War Crimes of the USA, erased the American Genocide, destroyed the global truth and peace movements, created the fake “Asylees” of Assange and Snowden, expanded the fictitiously based atavism of a military bloc NATO so that the North Atlantic now covers the entire planet and space and are now offering to take everything you own, they are in the business of choosing US Presidents. All of this being done right under the once watchful bloodshot and tired eyes of what was once the US electorate now dumbed down and terrorized into cowed submission to the Satanic elites who spew lies and filth with impunity and are never questioned or challenged with everyone who dares to do so destroyed and banned from their Twitter world.

Journalism is dead dear reader, now there is only disinformation, misinformation, fake news and endless cover-ups conducted and orchestrated by hyper paranoid micro-managing brutal murderous sociopaths whose only goal is the true suppression of real information. Basic and provable truths such as the fact that Semites and the Semitic people are the natives of Palestine are their greatest enemies.

Cyber Genocide

Cyber operations continue unaffected as the Goggle, Fakebook, Twitler Yindex monsters continue to manipulate, surveil and spy on the world with the digitization of the human race being seen as something unavoidable by even the staunchest opponents. I recently had run ins with Yindex and Bla Bla Car with Yindex sending me into a farmer’s field where I almost became permanently stuck and Bla Bla Car being used to send a covert team after me. This should cause a scandal and international outcry but you will never hear about it. The MOSSAD/FVEY scum at Yindex just can not seem to follow their “look but don't touch” orders. Thus it has to be reported again that we were once again placed in an extremely dangerous situation thanks to Yindex Navigator. I protest of course and state that just like the media they must be held accountable for errors and mistakes causing damage, hardship and even death, but because they are moneyed they all have complete impunity.

The destruction of humankind through digitization and cyphers as they continue harvesting data, creating phony wealth, subverting freedom and carrying out digital enslavement is going ahead as planned with more radical AI and cyborg forces being planned, the New World Order lunatics are still not being held responsible and no one is protesting because they control all the channels of information. Unfortunately Russia has also been convinced that AI is the wave of the future. Sure, let’s unleash autonomous self-teaching algorithms written by lunatics who want to kill us all and let them control every aspect of our existences. How the globalists convinced Russia of this is beyond me. These methods of power and control now being used and expanded on by the rich ruling class are in no way connected to serving the will of the people. FEAR, TERROR, RACISM, PURE IGNORANCE and their IRON CONTROL are all they have to offer anymore.

Limited Hangouts, Hegelian Dialectics and Psychological Operations

Working all night on the news when the Maidan started I witnessed first-hand when CIA/NATO military-grade psychological operations were launched against Russia and the free world. It was more obvious than the QANON, ASSANGE or SNOWDEN Ops as right in front of my eyes immediately and without pretense, day became night and black became white. It was at that moment that the CIA/BBG/HASBARA lunatics hijacked the global media and truth and killed what had been the Truth Movement. I was right in the middle of it and there was nothing I could do. The following lunacy, as they orchestrated a CAI coup in the Ukraine and unleashed Nazi terrorists in Europe again, of those guilty of the Crimes Against Humanity that we were exposing was supplemented by the creation of a fake Cult of Intelligence as they took over the Truth Movement. They actually made the CIA war criminals and murderers the champions of truth which in reality defies any sane a reasonable explanation, but they got away with it.

As for me you know the CIA/MOSSAD scum decided to come after my son when McFaul failed to get me and since then I have simply sat back and documented every attack as they telegraph their moves, and publish their lies and misinformation and in that attack space become identifiable. Yet they have gotten away with everything, even the insane Jews who would kill anyone who supports Palestine. They poisoned me and blacklisted me and all I did was a couple of interviews and yes, well, blamed Israel for 911. And they will have their revenge with now the biggest insult to me and my family, to the Russian security service I have been loyal too and to President Putin and the final cynical racist victory of the CIA and the Jewish Mafia against me for my journalistic work which will be granting my targeting agent Edward Snowden Russian citizenship which he in no way has earned or deserves. 

I have to mention that fugazi again because the Snowden lies just continue to pile up with every passing day. Now we have learned that Snowden still has a US Passport! Or is this another lie by Kuchnera such as the lie that he was working in some big IT company in Moscow which Snowden did not write about in his book. Then there is the marriage lie as Snowden could not have gotten married in Moscow without a passport. Then there is the residency lie as Snowden could not have gotten residency without an active passport and visa. So which lie is true and which is false? Given that Kuchnera said Snowden wants to keep his US Passport while applying for Russian citizenship then the marriage, the residency and other things make sense and proves that the original lie was that his passport was cancelled. Given as I have stated after endless research that Snowden is on a Limited Hangout Mission, the CIA and US Government would not have cancelled his passport! As it turns out that was a lie and all part of the show. Kuchnera also claims Snowden is fluent in Russian yet Snowden has never appeared on Russian media nor has ever been recorded communicating in Russian. I would seriously doubt that given his "isolation" that he has grown fluent in the Russian language.   

For Kuchnera and CIA propaganda specialist Oliver Stone lying to President Putin and installing a CIA Avatar to target a real Asylee was a true coup de ’grace but the holes in the story are getting bigger and bigger as time goes by, with the most stunning revelations being his $15.5 million salary and his endless Twitter blue tick and the preponderance of evidence that he is another Russophobic Clintonite globalist tool whose only claim to fame was hiding the cash flows of terrorists and the 911 elites. I can see why the Russian neo-liberals were afraid of me including the idiots at RT, I am not on narrative nor under their control, I am not programmed nor under false delusions and I am not afraid to tell the truth. These America loving neo-liberals will gladly kill me as soon as is convenient for trying to save their country and their people as soon as they have a chance. They believe they have the right to sell out their country and make it into another USA satellite and perhaps they do but there are millions more who would tear them apart for their treason. The CIA Russian government mafia puppets still serve their globalist masters and the media keeps the entire country suffering from Cognitive Dissonance as the CIA/MOCKINGBIRD run Russian media serves as an echo chamber for the globalists scum. Russians have called me naive many times in the past because of my belief in truth and the fact that I believe by exposing truth I can make a difference and in the end conquer evil, yet it is the neo-liberal Russians who in fact are blindly and criminally naive when it comes to the USA and their programmed love for America. They are exactly like the corporate Indians of Turtle Island who assisted the globalist scum in the genocide of their own people. No different. 

Genetically Targetting Biological Weapons

Finally the globalist filth have successfully unleashed their long planned genocide on the human race with genetically targetting biological weapons, with known genocider “Sir” Bill Gates, the Clinton Crime Cabal’s Anthony Fauci successfully using Fort Detrick to obtain gain of function of the Coronavirus which with the help of Joe Biden and company was then taken to China and released into the wilds. Carefully planned and orchestrated genocide is the worst crime any being can commit and the scum in the picture above are all in on it up to their eyeballs.

The globalist filth think they can wreck the world’s economies, demand huge sums for vaccines, chip the populace and then seize the world’s assets through a plan they insanely call the Great Reset, and they arew getting away with it. These are the same Rockefeller 911 scum who have been behind every illegal aggressive war, atrocity and staged Color Revolution in modern history and until they are stopped mankind is under threat. The Corporation of the USA, the Zombie German Queen of England and the Rothschild Zionist scum know their time will come, the sheer weight of their evil will drag them into the depths of hell and they will be forever banished there with Moloch for all eternity, of this I am sure.

As for Trump you can not serve Israel and fight the “Swamp” at the same time. As with the 2000 election, the 2016 DNC leak by Seth Rich and the endless other events we have documented over the years have shown, the USA, for all of its propaganda and “first world hype” is nothing but a big backward violent genocide-based war criminal controlled global pariah banana republic, and guess what the free people of the world are praying that it will collapse soon.   

The Dangers of Fake News, Alternative Histories and Historical Revisionism

Finally I want to share with you something that came to me in my sleep and which I believe deserves serious thought and consideration. If you believe in parallel universe theory, alternative timelines, the multi-verse and time paradoxes and causality then serious food for thought may be had by the effects that historical revisionism may have on the stability of our mutual reality. It is one thing going back and changing an event which would cause organic and naturally propagated causality and it is quite another to synthetically attempt to erase or change a reality after it has occurred which is what the globalist Zionist cabal are attempting to do by erasing 911 and promoting lies, fictions and realities that are fabricated and synthetic in nature. As such my contention is that it is not possible to kill the truth without causing unpredictable causal fluctuations which will destroy reality at the fundamental level. Even if the revision is believed by even 100% of the observers of the quantum probability wave that is our shared reality, at the base level traces of reality will always remain which will serve to destabilize the timeline at the base level. Of course the globalist media idiots and historical revisionists and even Doctor Farrell would not understand this but I would hope that there are saner minds above them who will see the danger I have attempted to describe in the simplest terms possible.     

God bless Mother Russia!


Sunday, June 21, 2020


June 21, 2020 
Pardon Request
We have officially requested a Presidential Pardon from President Putin for my son John Robles III as well as investigations into the individuals who ordered and fabricated his arrest after my investigative work for the Voice of Russia World Service. As of June 20th we are still waiting for a reply. We have served the Russian State and President Putin therefore our pardon request for my innocent son who has served his entire sentence for a crime he did not commit should be granted. It is necessary to prevent his deportation to the USA, a country he has never lived in, has no connections to and where he may face torture or death.
Liquidation of the VOR
We have discovered the name of the US Official who was directly controlling and manipulating the 5th Column at the VOR with payments from the CIA to the 5th Column being carried out through fees for repeater and band usage by the BBG for the VOA. His name was Steven Linick. We have also determined the Ukrainian/Russian beneficiary of the liquidation who received an award from Clinton’s State Department. Steve Linick was brought in after McFaul failed to (in the words of CIA COS Joseph Moone) “get me” and was expelled from Russia. I have decided to share documents asking for treason charges to be filed by another staff member of the VOR which were ignored. As the VOR was the loudest international voice of the Russian World and the only global media outlet publishing the real truth about Ukraine, 911, Serbia and the Russian World it had to be silenced to facilitate the US takeover of the Ukraine by CIA/State Department sponsored openly Nazi forces.
Gang Stalking and Surveillance
For my publication of the MI6 lists in Russia, the NSA Post Hypnotic Scripts document, MI6 and CIA Agent lists and several CIA budgets among other leaks in 1998 and onward I had already been the target of constant surveillance and US/UK “FBI Style” COINTELPRO Foreign Gang Stalking largely by Ukrainian Assets working out of a location we have identified. My work on exposing the overthrow of Ukraine and 911 in the words of Kristinn Hrafnsson put me on a CIA Black or Red List. My unpublished research also covers the real reason why Michael John Smith contacted me after I published the MI6 lists and the real reason he was arrested by MI5 after Boris Yeltsin opened the KGB Archives, exposing everyone including me.
As the first ex-US citizen with asylum in the Russian Federation, asylum which I earned for my service to the Russian State unlike CIA media op Snowden, the targetting by the US and UK Governments is illegal under international law and has cost US and UK taxpayers millions of dollars. The fact that our leaks, such as NSA documents, agent name lists, CIA fronts and all of our 9/11 research, could not be removed, blocked or deleted was a matter of national security for the CIA and MI6. Afterwards a former friend and source John Young of Cryptome registered the WikiLeaks domain which like the Intercept burned and reported every leaker, whistleblower and hacker who trusted them, myself a former WikiLeaks media partner, included. This continues today. It all goes back to 9/11 which Assange called a “Fake Conspiracy”.
Russian Citizenship
I have been forced to file legal papers with the courts after my application for citizenship was ignored and blocked for ten years. Being as I have renounced US Citizenship officially 3 times, once when I applied for asylum, once when I received asylum in 2007 and again when I filed for citizenship added to my journalistic work and service to Russia I know I can never leave. The USA has just reinstated the death penalty for Federal Crimes under which even my journalistic work for the Voice of Russia falls and this goes true for my son as well who had asylum and was framed for writing my articles by the 5th Column.
The press and the media refuse to report on us or support us because it does not fit the Hawkins-Greenberg white supremacist narrative and because we are not an Op. We are done trying to be quiet and in doing so assisting those who have destroyed our lives and we will expose everything soon, including some of the details of my service to Russian Security if we do not receive a just answer. I encourage you to download my insurance file which contains 22 years of operational details. If anything happens to me unpacking instructions and the password will be revealed.
I have two daughters who are Muscovites and who I am being prevented from seeing and have served Russia for over 25 years, therefore my request for citizenship is completely reasonable and was done in line with the law and all requirements which I fulfilled. My refusal to pay bribes and interference by the CIA/MI6/FBI are all documented and part of the record including two attempts by CIA Color Revolution specialist Michael McFaul to have me arrested after I authored articles exposing his Color Revolution plans at Bolotnaya and his plans to overthrow the government of Russia for the Zionist/911/Clinton Cabal.
Site News
On June 6, 2020 was 17 years old which for an independent truth and disclosure website publishing information banned in the West is the equivalent of eons. In order to stay on-line and independent we have now transferred our domains to Russian registrars cutting our last and only ties to the West when we abandoned the Canadian based TUCOWS. We continue publishing leaks, news and articles which are not published anywhere else and we now own,,, and other reserved unnamed domains.
They have completely decimated the Internet as a free and open forum and now more than ever we need your support. Share a link, share this press release and share our story. We were right about 9/11, Trump, the New World Order, Biological Genocide and Bill Gates, the Ukraine, Srebrenica and much more and we have never removed a document, file or article from our servers.
I have lived for 13 years with asylum and my son as well and he is about to be deported to a country (the USA) where there is a high probability he will face long imprisonment or execution. We are seeking a country that may accept my son and give him and my US born daughter asylum if Russia denies John a pardon and continues to refuse to allow us to normalize our status and obtain citizenship. I have lived legally on the territory of the Russian Federation since 1996 and can not leave but having citizenship in a country that would guarantee my safety and the safety of my children may finally put an end to my life as a refugee and allow me obtain employment and simply quietly live like everyone else.
One should not have to die for exposing evil, blowing the whistle on illegality and publishing truth! That is what real journalism and courage are and those are my only crimes. Russia beat the Nazis once and will have to beat the CIA sponsored Nazis again if it is to remain a sovereign state and a world power.
Thank you,
John Anthony Robles II
Download Pardon, Legal Documents and VOR Treason Request in Russian Here:

Просьба о помиловании
Мы официально запросили у президента Путина президентское помилование для моего сына Джона Роблеса III, а также расследование в отношении лиц, которые заказали и сфабриковали его арест после моей исследовательской работы для Всемирной службы "Голос России". По состоянию на 20 июня мы все ещё ждём ответа. Мы служили Российскому государству и президенту Путину, поэтому наша просьба о помиловании моего невинного сына, который отбыл весь срок за преступление, которого он не совершал, должна быть удовлетворена. Необходимо предотвратить его депортацию в США, страну, в которой он никогда не жил, с которой не имеет никаких связей и где ему могут грозить пытки или смерть.
Ликвидация «Голоса России»
Мы обнаружили имя американского чиновника, который непосредственно контролировал и манипулировал 5-й колонной на «Голосе», причём платежи от ЦРУ 5-й колонне осуществлялись через плату за ретранслятор и использование разных частот, принадлежащих «Голосу России» для BBG – «Голоса Америки». Его звали Стивен Линик. Мы также определили украинского/российского бенефициара ликвидации, который получил награду от Госдепартамента Клинтона. Стив Линик был привлечён после того, как Макфол не смог (по словам агента ЦРУ Джозефа Муна) “достать тебя” (меня) и был выслан из России. Я решил поделиться документами другого сотрудника «Голоса», требующими предъявления обвинения в государственной измене, которые были проигнорированы. Поскольку «Голос России» был самым громким международным голосом русского мира и единственным глобальным СМИ, публикующим реальную правду об Украине, 911, Сербии и русском мире, его пришлось заставить замолчать, чтобы облегчить захват Украины спонсируемыми ЦРУ/Госдепартаментом открыто нацистскими силами.
Ганг стокинг и преследование
За публикацию списков МИ-6 в России, документа АНБ Post Hypnotic Scripts, списков агентов МИ-6 и ЦРУ и нескольких бюджетов ЦРУ, среди других секретных документов в 1998 году и далее, я уже был объектом постоянного преследования и иностранного ганг стокинга “в стиле ФБР” США/Великобританией COINTELPRO, в основном украинскими агентами, работающие из места, которое мы определили. Моя работа по разоблачению свержения Украины и 911, по словам Кристинн Храфнссон, внесла меня в чёрный или красный список ЦРУ. Моё неопубликованное исследование также охватывает реальную причину, по которой Майкл Джон Смит связался со мной после того, как я опубликовал списки МИ-6, и реальную причину, по которой он был арестован МИ-5 после того, как Борис Ельцин открыл архивы КГБ, разоблачив всех, включая меня.
Поскольку я являюсь первым бывшим гражданином США, получившим убежище в Российской Федерации, убежище, которое я получил за свою службу российскому государству - в отличие от Сноудена, преследование правительствами США и Великобритании является незаконным по международному праву и обошлось налогоплательщикам США и Великобритании в миллионы долларов. Тот факт, что опубликованные нами секретные документы, такие как документы АНБ, списки имён агентов, компании, за которыми скрывается ЦРУ и все наши исследования 9/11, не могли быть стёрты, заблокированы или устранены, был вопросом национальной безопасности для ЦРУ и МИ-6. Впоследствии бывший друг и источник Джон Янг из Cryptome зарегистрировал домен WikiLeaks, который, как и Intercept, «сливал» каждого информатора, разоблачителя и хакера, которые им доверяли, включая меня, бывшего партнёра WikiLeaks по СМИ. Это продолжается и сегодня. Все это восходит к 11 сентября, которое Ассанж назвал “фальшивым заговором”.
Российское гражданство
Я был вынужден подать иск в суд после того, как моё заявление о гражданстве игнорировалось и блокировалось в течение десяти лет. Поскольку я официально отказался от гражданства США 3 раза - когда подал заявление о предоставлении убежища, когда получил убежище в 2007 году, и когда подал заявление о предоставлении гражданства, - вдобавок к моей журналистской работе и службе в России, я знаю, что никогда не смогу уехать. США только что вернули смертную казнь за федеральные преступления, под которую подпадает даже моя журналистская работа для "Голоса России", и это же касается моего сына, который получил убежище и который был ложно представлен автором моих статей, благодаря усилиям 5-й колонны на «Голосе России».
Пресса и средства массовой информации отказываются сообщать о нас или поддерживать нас, потому что это не соответствует нарративам Хокинса-Гринберга о превосходстве белых, и потому что мы не являемся операцией спецслужб. Мы больше не стараемся сидеть тихо и таким образом способствовать тем, кто разрушил наши жизни, и мы скоро разоблачим всё, включая некоторые детали моей работы для российских спецслужб, если не получим справедливого ответа. Я призываю вас скачать мой «подстраховочный» файл, который содержит информацию, полученную за 22 года работы. Если со мной что-то случится, инструкция по распаковке и пароль будут раскрыты.
У меня есть две дочери-москвички, с которыми мне не дают видеться, я служу России вот уже более 25 лет, поэтому моя просьба о гражданстве вполне обоснованна и была оформлена в соответствии с законом и всеми требованиями, которые я выполнил. Мой отказ давать взятки и вмешательство ЦРУ/МИ-6/ФБР - всё это задокументировано и является частью документа, включая две попытки специалиста ЦРУ по цветной революции Майкла Макфола арестовать меня после того, как я написал статьи, разоблачающие его планы цветной революции на Болотной и его планы свергнуть правительство России для глобалистов и их нового мирового порядка.
Новости сайта
6 июня 2020 года исполнилось 17 лет, что для независимого сайта правды и разоблачения, публикующего информацию, запрещённую на Западе, равносильно эонам. Чтобы оставаться онлайн и оставаться независимыми, мы переместили наши домены на российские регистраторы и отказались от канадского TUCOWS, разорвав таким образом последнюю и единственную нить, связывавшую с Западом. Мы продолжаем публиковать секретные документы, новости и статьи, которые больше нигде не публикуются, и теперь нам принадлежат,,, и ещё один зарезервированный секретный запасной домен.
Интернет как свободный и открытый форум полностью уничтожен, и сегодня больше, чем когда-либо, мы нуждаемся в вашей поддержке. Поделитесь ссылкой, поделитесь этим пресс-релизом и поделитесь нашей историей. Мы были правы насчёт 11 сентября, Трампа, Нового Мирового Порядка, биологического геноцида и Билла Гейтса, Украины, Сребреницы и многого другого, и мы никогда не удаляли ни одного документа, файла или статьи с наших серверов.
Я прожил 13 лет, имея убежище, и мой сын тоже, и он вот-вот будет депортирован в страну (США), где, с большой вероятностью, ему грозит длительное тюремное заключение или казнь. Мы ищем страну, которая сможет принять моего сына и предоставить ему и моей дочери, рождённой в США, убежище, если Россия откажет Джону в помиловании и будет продолжать отказывать нам в нормализации нашего статуса и получении гражданства. Я легально живу на территории Российской Федерации с 1996 года и не могу уехать, но наличие гражданства страны, которая гарантировала бы мою безопасность и безопасность моих детей, могло бы наконец положить конец моей жизни беженца, позволить мне получить работу и просто спокойно жить, как все остальные.
Не должно быть такого, чтобы за разоблачение зла и публикацию правды приходилось умирать! Вот что такое настоящая журналистика и мужество, и это мои единственные преступления. Россия уже победила нацистов однажды, и должна будет победить спонсируемых ЦРУ нацистов снова, если она хочет оставаться суверенным государством и мировой державой.
Спасибо большое,
Роблес Джон Энтони II
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